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17 AUGUST 2013

Movieclips channel: popular clips from famous movies

"The Movieclips channel is the destination for all your favorite moments from all your favorite movies. Our Movieclips genome team has gone through every movie individually, picking out the best moments, scenes, and clips from all your favorite movies. Whether it is action, comedy, drama, western, a classic, or any other genre, Movieclips has it with the unforgettable moments that stay with you long after you leave the theater. All in one place, easy to find, and easier to get hooked, the Movieclips database is the largest collection of movie clips on the web."



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Simon Perkins
30 JUNE 2011

Kanye West's New Music Video, Errr, 'Moving Painting'

"This short clip for Kanye West's new song 'Power' is more than just a music video, he says: It's a moving painting. He enlisted artist Marco Brambilla to put together an off–the–chain Age of Enlightenment throwdown full of swords and ladies in togas. Renaissance–era rappers better step their game up; it's time to learn what YouTube is!

Besides being artistically innovative, the video is a perfect glimpse of how Kanye sees the world all the time. When he walks into Rite Aid or wherever, you can be sure that in his head he's surrounded by columns and getting air–fived by the very hand of God."

(Emmy Blotnic, 06 August 2010)



James Pratt

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