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23 JUNE 2015

Moritz Stefaner: Selfiecity

Moritz Stefaner speaking about his work on the project (part 2) at the 'Visualized' conference in New York, 6-7 February 2014.



2014 • Alise Tifentale • amateur cultural production • Amazon Mechanical Turk • BangkokBerlinbig databrowsing interfacecitiescognitive sciencecultural artefactscultural specificity • Daniel Goddemeyer • data abstraction • data filtering • data visualisation • design collaboration • design conferencedigital humanities • Dominikus Baur • faceface recognitionfaces of peoplefacial analysisfacial compositefiltering • human activity • information aestheticsinformation visualisationInstagram • Jay Chow • Lev Manovich • mass selfie • Mehrdad Yazdani • Moritz Stefaner • Moscow • Nadav Hochman • new media artNew Yorkportrait photographSan PaoloselfieSelfiecity (2014)social media projecttelematicsTokyo • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam • University of Osnabrueck • video lecturevisualising dataVisualized conference


Liam Birtles
18 JUNE 2011

MediaArtTube Exhibition 1.0: Biofeedback Art

"Biofeedback art is recently emerged interactive art form which applies technologies to capture biological changes of the body and create an artistic meaning through them. Biofeedback interfaces measures EEG, galvanic skin response, facial analysis, temperature analysis, eye–tracking or hearth rate in order to monitor the users bio–philosophical and produce a dynamic psychological/behavioural/emotion–based analysis of the person. The artistic meaning production based on the applications of these qualities which often deals with embodiment, enaction, body awareness, immersion or active/passive bodily engagement. There are a variety of tools can be used by artists which are usually divided to contact (for example EEG) or non–contact (facial analysis through camera). The MediaArtTube Exhibition 1.0 presents a collection of engaging art works and experiments in this hot topic of media art."


Fig.1 Brainloop interactive performance platform

Fig.2 Yasushi Noguchi, Hideyuki Ando – Watch Me!, eye–responsive Installation 2009 http://r–



actuators • affective art • affective computing • affective environment • applied researchArs Electronica • art works • behavioural analysis • bio art • bio-philosophical analysis • bio-sensors • biofeedback • biofeedback art • biofeedback interfaces • biological changes • blood volume pressure • bodily engagementbodybody awareness • body data • brain • cognitive-based concept • communication devicecomputer interfaceconvergencecorrelative analoguecreative technologydata visualisationdevicedigital art • EEG • electroencephalography • electronic artembodied interactionsembodimentemotion research • emotion-based analysis • erotic ambiguity • external world • eye-trackingfacial analysis • galvanic skin response • graphic representationHCI • heartbeat • hearth rate monitor • humidity • hybrid art • immersioninformation aestheticsinteraction designinteractive artinteractive media artinteractive performanceinteractive visualisationinterface artinterface designkinetic artman machinemeasurementmedia art • MediaArtTube • micro-bio-electrochemical systems • micro-electromechanical • mobile phonenew media artpsychological analysispulse • responsive environment • robotrobot artscreen-based interface • skin conductivity • smell • stroke • sweat • tangible biofeedback • tangible interfacetechnology-based arttemperature analysis • tickle • time-based art • ventilators • vibrationvibratorvirtual realityvirtual worldvisualisation


Simon Perkins

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