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30 NOVEMBER 2011

Narratives for Europe: Launderette

"Imagine that you have just got home late from a long day of work only to be confronted by an endless list of chores. You drag yourself and an old bag of dirty clothes to the laundromat around the corner. Suddenly some young film–maker is putting a camera in your face and asking you about your laundry, your life and your ever–fading childhood dreams. At first you want to be left alone–get out of my face! But after a while you relax. It feels good to talk and it feels good to listen. On your way home, you keep thinking about the stories you told and the ones you heard. Your mind just keeps on spinning...

The scenario of the short film 'Laundrette' transforms an anonymous public space into a dynamic one where stories are swapped and strangers are given faces. The film also acts as a remarkable metaphor for what Narratives for Europe wants to become: an open space where significant stories can be voiced, echoed and debated. Selected from the media collection of ECF's Youth and Media programme, 'Laundrette' was awarded 'Best Documentary' at the BFI Futures Film Festival 2011 in London. You can watch this film and other shorts on ECF's VIMEOchannel.

The BFI recruited this video and is one of the 6 partners of the Doc Next Network. This network functions as the core of the Youth & Media Programme of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). Doc Next is a unique movement of independent cultural and media organisations working with young people and media in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Scandinavia."

(European Cultural Foundation)

"Launderette": Director – Bertie Telezynski, Producer – Johnny Orme, Producer – Mark Davies, Cinematographer – Alex Nevill, Cinematographer – Rachel Lewis, Editor – Louis Rossi, Sound – Liam Cook



2011 • ambition • anonymous public space • auteurBFI • BFI Futures Film Festival • broken relationships • camera in your face • childhood • childhood dreams • childhood memories • chores • confrontational stories • desolate space • Doc Next Network • documentaryECFEuropeEuropean Cultural Foundationexistential insightfilmfilmmaker • fragmented memories • human conditionimaginative stories • independent cultural and media organisations • late night • launderette • laundrette • Laundrette (film) • laundroma • laundromat • laundry • long day of work • lost family • mediamemorymoments • moments of personal insight • Narratives for Europe • Netherlandsopen spacePolandpublic spacereflection • reflexive documentary • Scandinaviashort film • significant stories • Spainstoriesstrangersstring theory • swap • TurkeyUK • young film-maker • young people • your life • Youth and Media • Youth and Media Programme


Simon Perkins
12 JUNE 2011

David Lynch's Interview Project Probes American Dreams

"In Interview Project's mini–documentaries, filmmakers Austin Lynch and Jason S. sidle up to strangers and ask them piercing questions like 'What were your dreams as a child?' and 'When did you first experience death?'

For the 121–part online series, which launches Monday, the pair logged 20,000 miles criss–crossing the United States over a 70–day stretch, searching for random people to question about American life.

In a filmed introduction to Interview Project, producer David Lynch (Austin's father) says: 'There was no plan, really. The (filmmaking) team found people as they were driving along the roads, going into bars, different locations…. There they were. The people told their stories.'

A new three–to–five minute Interview episode will debut every three days for a year.

(30 May 30 2009)



actuality • American dreamAmerican life • Austin Lynch • David Lynchdocumentarydocumentary seriesinterview • Interview Project • Jason S • mini-documentaries • mini-portraits • personal narrativepersonal significanceportraitshort documentaryshort subjects • shortfilm • social historysocial realitystrangerstheir stories • vox pop


Simon Perkins

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