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26 APRIL 2014

Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks

Tony D. Sampson (2012). "Virality. Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks. University of Minnesota Press.



2013 • age of networks • Alexander Galloway • antivirus industry • Antonio Negri • assemblage theory • biological knowledge of contagion • biological meme • biological metaphor • Bruno Latour • category clutter • clash of cultures • communication theory • concerns over too much connectivity • contagion • contagion theory • contagious affects • contagious assemblagescontagious desire • contagious events • contagious phenomena • contagiousness of phantomscritical position • crowd behaviour • cultural studiesdiversity • document classification • Emile Durkheimempathy • Eugene Thacker • Gabriel TardeGilles Deleuze • global cultures • global financial crisis • hybrid states of constant flows • hybridity • imposing identities • imposing oppositions • imposing resemblancesinformation exchangeinformation flowinformation theoryintangibility • limiting analysis • mass culture • mass empathy • media archeology • media studies • media theorist • medical metaphor • Michael Hardt • microbe • microbial contagion • microsociology • mindless acceptance • mindless imitation • modernism • molecular • molecular epidemiology studiesmolecule • nature of being • network analysis • network culture • network cultures • network science • network society • network theory • networked informationnetworks • neurological metaphor • neurosciencenodes and connections • non-imitation • non-linear ontology • online social spaces • ontological worldview • over categorisation • overcategorise • physical social spaces • purity • regressive listener • reliance on representational thinkingrepresentational thinkingrepresentational thinking expressed in analogiesrepresentational thinking expressed in metaphors • resist contamination • resuscitating • revolutionary contagion • social and cultural domains • social behaviour of networking • social bodies • social media • social relationalities • socialisation • sociological event • sociological studies • sociology • sociology of networks • solidarity within crowds • somnambulist • spontaneous revolution • stoic behaviour • subject indexing • terrorismTheodor Adorno • Tony Sampson • viralviral love • viral networks • virality


Simon Perkins
08 APRIL 2011

1st International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge

Learning Analytics & Knowledge: February 27–March 1, 2011 in Banff, Alberta

"The growth of data surpasses the ability of organizations to make sense of it. This concern is particularly pronounced in relation to knowledge, teaching, and learning. Learning institutions and corporations make little use of the data learners 'throw off' in the process of accessing learning materials, interacting with educators and peers, and creating new content. In an age where educational institutions are under growing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, analytics promises to be an important lens through which to view and plan for change at course and institutions levels. Corporations face pressure for increased competitiveness and productivity, a challenge that requires important contributions in organizational capacity building from work place and informal learning. Learning analytics can play a role in highlighting the development of employees through their learning activities."

(George Siemens, 2010–07–22)


2011 • accessing learning materials • analytics • Banff • Canadacloud computing • cloud hosting • conference • creating new content • data mining • education data • educational institutions • electronic education data • enterprise settings • exchanging analytics • formal institutional boundaries • George Siemens • increased competitiveness • increased efficiency • increased productivity • informal learning • information flow • interacting with educators • interacting with peers • knowledge analysis • knowledge development • knowledge modeling • knowledge representation • learning activities • learning analytics • learning and knowledge work • learning institutions • longitudinal learning datamaking sense • making sense of data • myriad platforms • nascent field • networked learning • new models • novel insights • open dataorganisational capabilities • organisational capacity building • organisational effectiveness • organisational systems • pedagogical domains • personalised educationpredictive analytics • pressure to reduce costs • semantic web • serve the needs of stakeholders • social domains • social interactionssocial learning • technical complexity • workplace learning


Simon Perkins

Information Flows Through Digital Social Network Analysis

Lada Adamic (HP Invent)
Unlike viruses, which spread indiscriminately from host to host, pieces of information are propagated by people who find them interesting and who pass the information to others who they think may be interested. Since people are most similar to their immediate contacts, and this similarity decays as the distance in the social network between individuals increases, information becomes less relevant further away from the source and is unlikely to spread throughout the network. This holds true even in networks with power–law connectivity distributions where highly connected individuals, known as hubs, have the opportunity to potentially spread information to a large number of people. Taking advantage of the fact that significant portion of communication, especially within a corporation, occurs via email, we confirmed our model by observing the occurrence of attachments in mailboxes and by simulating the spread of information using actual email patterns.

Mapping rhizomatic structures of electronically mediated human interaction via network communication.



decayflowshubinformation flow • propagate • rhizomesocial networkvirusvisualisation
12 AUGUST 2002

Knowledge Discovery Tools: Netzspannung

The knowledge discovery tools at implement models for dynamically linking the flow of information on the Internet into semantically networked knowledge spaces.



flowsinformation flowknowledgelinkingmodelnetwork • netzspannung • semantic

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