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03 MAY 2005

The Backpacker: A Liminal Experience

"The backpacker experience is usually characterized as a self imposed transition or rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood, and occurs in the time between the end of formal education and the beginning of full time employment. In the case of more mature backpackers, the experience commonly occurs in other transition periods during life course such as marriage breakdown, 'mid–life' crisis or career transition. Either way the experience is a liminal one, forming a transitional experience between the end of one part of life and the beginning of another. This liminality also suggests a disconnection from conventional principles of experience within the bounds of everyday life, which make certain behaviours like risk–taking, uncertainty and adventure available to the backpacker more so than other tourist groups."
(Dr Barbara Adkins & Eryn Grant)

[2] Adkins, Barbara A. and Grant, Eryn L. (2007) Backpackers as a community of strangers: the interaction order of an online backpacker notice board. Qualitative Sociology Review, 3(2).



2007adventure • backpacker • Barbara Adkinscosmopolitanism • Eryn Grant • experienceICTin-between • interaction order • liminalliminal experienceliminalitynew cosmopolitanismrisk-takingrites of passagetourismtransition


Barbara Adkins

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