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22 MARCH 2016

Graham Gibbs: coding in qualitative data analysis

"Extracts from a lecture by Graham R Gibbs to postgraduate (graduate) students about thematic coding in qualitative data analysis. It includes a look at Alan Bryman's four stages of coding, the idea of thematic coding and what themes can be about, what coding can be used for and how to construct and use a coding hierarchy."



2011 • Alan Bryman • code hierarchy • code list • coding categoriescoding schemescontent analysisconventional content analysisdata analysis • framework analysis • Graham Gibbsgrounded theoryhumanities researchhumanities research methodology • idiographic focus • Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) • Jane Lewis • Jane Ritchie • Jonathan Smith • Nigel King • psychological qualitative research • qualitative analysisqualitative researchqualitative research techniqueteaching resource • template analysis • text datathematic analysisthematic codingthematic patternsUniversity of Huddersfieldvideo lecture


Simon Perkins
05 JUNE 2011

MOSAIC project: enabling UK HE library to take up Web2.0 opportunities

"MOSAIC is building on the findings and recommendations of the JISC TILE project, which investigated 'pain points' in UK HE library take up of Web2.0 opportunities, in particular relating to the 'context' of users (e.g. their course) and their related use of resources."


1). Mosaic data collection – A guide v01.pdf

2). Sharing Usage Data–Dave Pattern & Patrick Murray–John Talk with Talis

3). The JISC MOSAIC Project: Making Our Scholarly Activity Information Count, Final Report (January 2010)


2009 • activity data • CC0 • Cloud of Data • common data schema • context of users • Creative Commons • Creative Commons CC0 • datadataset • Dave Pattern • David Kay • e-Framework • ERM system • Helen Harrop • higher educationinformation resourcesinnovationJISC • JISC TILE project • Joint Academic Coding System • Ken Chad • learning object download • libraryLibrary 2.0Library Management Systemslibrary science • local activity data • Making Our Shared Activity Information Count • Mark van Harmelen • modify • MOSAIC project • Open Data Commons PDDL • Open Data licence • Paul Miller • PDDL • promoting experimentation • reading lists • recommender • Resolver journal article access • resource discovery • scalability • Sero Consulting • service models • shareTalis AspireUK • UK HE library • universityUniversity of Huddersfielduser activity data • user activity driven services • VLE resource • Web 2.0


Simon Perkins

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