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16 AUGUST 2013

BEM (Block, Element, Modifier): web naming standardisation

"One of the most common examples of a methodology in programming is Object–Oriented Programming. It's a programming paradigm embodied by many languages. In some ways, BEM is similar to OOP. It's a way of describing reality in code, a range of patterns, and a way of thinking about program entities regardless of programming languages being used.

We used BEM principles to create a set of front–end development techniques and tools, that allow us to build websites quickly and maintain them over a long time."



Simon Perkins
28 MAY 2011

reMap: visualcomplexity projects visualised interactively

"reMap is a Bestiario project based on Visual is the most complete and well organized collection of visualization projects related with complex systems. Manuel Lima's compilation is priceless for all of us working on the visualization fields. But also artists, scientists, humanists, educators… can find here inspiration and knowledge. VC is not only a compilation: each project is displayed with rich contextual information, including a text and visitors comments, and the whole project is enriched with stats, a book selection, external links, trend analysis on contents and depiction techniques, and a blog.

reMap displays projects allowing navigation using a semantic approach and depicting relations among them. Images and texts belong to vc portal. Tags are assigned using a semantic engine created by Bestiario."

(Bestiario: an interactive visualization company)



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Simon Perkins

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