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12 FEBRUARY 2013

The 2013 Kinetica Art Fair: Illusion and Reality

Kinetica Art Fair 2013, February 28th – March 3rd 2013, Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, NW1 5LS, London, UK

"The Kinetica feature exhibition and events programme is themed on 'Illusion and Reality' and the thin veil that divides what is real and perceived. The exhibition will focus on perceptions of reality, with works by 19 international artists exploring the many dimensions of illusion. The exhibition aims to challenge ideas on what is real, perceived or imagined, and focuses on transformation, metamorphism, visual paradox, vibration, nature, the subliminal and the subconscious.

The exhibition includes a huge interactive light sculpture from Dutch artist Titia Ex, an exoskeleton hybrid of man–animal–machine by Christiann Zwanniken and a giant three dimensional zoetrope by Greg Barsamian.

The boundaries between reality and illusion will be explored in a series of live performances using the Musion holographic projection system, and features an international line–up including the award–winning audiovisual collective Origamibiro ; a fusion of 3d imaging and quantum mechanics in danceroom Spectroscopy ; a hypnotic audiovisual experience from Simulacrum ; and multi–sensory Polish collective INIRE. The Musion Academy will present a further series of captivating performances including Analema Group, AV3, IEOIE and Paul Prudence.

Key figures and eminent pioneers in the fields of new media art and neurosciences have been invited to participate in a daily programme of Talks, which also features presentations by experimental artists exhibiting at the Fair."

(Kinetica Museum, UK)



2013 • 3D imaging • Alistair Burleigh • Analema Group • Aphra Shemza • Ariel Avraham • audiovisual collectiveaudiovisual experience • AV3 • Chris Levine • Christiaan Zwanikken • Christian Ristow • David John Rosewell • David Ogle • Delfin Ortiz • Dianne Harris • exhibitionexoskeleton • Gregory Barsamian • holograph • holographic projection • hypnotic • IEOIE • illusionillusion and reality • INIRE • Ivan Black • Kinetica Art Fair • Laurent Debraux • light artlight sculpturelive performanceLondon • Ludwig Wilding • Madi Boyd • man machine • metamorphism • multi-sensory • neurosciencenew media art • Okhaos Creations • OrigamibiroparadoxPaul Prudenceperceptionperceptions of reality • Pierrick Sorin • quantum mechanicsrealityreality and illusion • Roseline de Thelin • Simon Gudgeon • simulacrum • spectroscopy • subconscious • subliminal • The Musion Academy • Tim Lewis • Titia Ex • transformationUKvibrationvisual paradox


Simon Perkins
18 OCTOBER 2012

Four to the Floor: the ever growing collection of Channel 4 idents

An "ever growing collection of Channel 4 current set of idents. The simple idea that flows through all these idents is the creation of 'the 4, be it optical illusion, supernatural intervention or coincidence, the iconic Channel 4 logo rears its head at some point during all these videos.

The basic premise leaves open many possibilities to play with, which perhaps also explains the longevity that these idents retain. New idents continue to be produced by Channel 4"

(John Beohm,



Simon Perkins
13 JUNE 2012

Tape Art

"Watch what happened when Foot Locker and Converse invited a collective of street artists to create tape art installations inspired by the new Converse winter collection created for Foot Locker."

(Uploaded by footlocker on 15 Nov 2010)



2010actual environmentadvertisingartworkback and forth • Chuck Taylor • Converse Inc • Converse Padded Collar 2 • creative advertisingcreative workdesign collectivedrawing • drawing with tape • extended play • Foot Locker • giant turntable • graffitigraphic artillusionillusionistic spaceillustrationillustrative stylemural • new Converse winter collection • painting as illusionperspectiveperspective viewscratchingstreet artstreet artistsstreetweartape • tape art • tape art installations • turntable • turntablist technique • vinyl recordvisual perspectivevisual representation


Kay Van Bellen
30 MARCH 2012

The Gestalt Principles

"Gestalt is a psychology term which means 'unified whole'. It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the 1920s. These theories attempt to describe how people tend to organize visual elements into groups or unified wholes when certain principles are applied."

(Spokane Falls Community College)



abstractionaesthetics • Berlin School • brain • closeness • closurecognitioncomplete formdesigndesign formalismdesign principlesdesign rules • entirety • essence • figure and ground • form and function • form-generating capability • gestalt effect • gestalt principlesgestalt psychology • gestalt theories • gestalt theories of perceptiongestalt theory • gestaltism • graphic designgrouping • human eye • illusion • Kurt Koffka • layout designmodernismmodernist design principlesobjectivityperceptionperceptual organisationpictorial systemsprinciplesproximitypsychology • psychology of design • regularity • reificationrepetitionrulessensesshapesimilaritysymmetrytexturetheory of mindunified wholevisual communicationvisual designvisual illusionvisual literacyvisual perceptionvisual recognitionvisual rulewhole formswhole is greater than the sum of the partswhole is other than the sum of the partswhole situation


Simon Perkins
01 AUGUST 2011

Tilt-shift timelapse of a Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service training exercise

"This is a personal project that would not have been possible without the support of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. Thanks to the entire team for their generous access during training exercises and patrols this Summer. Since the Service began in 1973, it has carried out more than 21,000 missions ranging from urgent patient transfers to dangerous search and rescue missions.

This film is 100% 'real', but there are some new techniques for me here, such as using time lapse to create the illusion of forward movement for the helicopter ocean scenes. These flight sequences would not be possible without the skill and patience of Chief Pilot Peter Yates. Thanks also to Trevor Cracknell (for getting wet!) and Family."

(Keith Loutit, 2009)

Fig.1 Keith Loutit (2009). "Bathtub IV" Music: "Clementine" (Megan Washington), Performed by Washington, © 2008 J Albert & Son Pty Limited., used with permission,​meganwashington



2009 • Bare Island • Botany Bay • camera technique • flight sequence • helicopterillusion • Keith Loutit • Kurnel desalination plant • miniatureoceanoffshore drilling rig • patient transfers • Peter Yates • scaleseasearch and rescueSydneySydney Harbourtilt shifttimelapse • training exercise • Trevor Cracknell • visual spectacleWestpacWestpac Bank • Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service


Simon Perkins

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