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12 OCTOBER 2017

Ideologies address people and offer them a particular identity

"Interpellation is the process by which ideological systems call out to social subjects and tell them their place in the system. In popular culture, it refers to the ways that cultural products address their consumers and recruit them into a particular ideological position. Interpellation is a concept in Marxist social and political theory associated in particular with the work of the philosopher Louis Althusser.

Interpellation draws on the theory that the notion of the autonomous, fully coherent and actualised human subject is an illusion, an ideological construction meant to further the agendas of capitalism and liberal humanism."



attitudesconstructed identitiesconstruction of normscultural ideas • cultural notions • hailing • identityideological message • Ideological State Apparatuses (ISA) • ideologies address people • ideologyinterpellationLouis Althussermanufacturing consent • Repressive State Apparatuses (RSA) • social norms • social processes


Simon Perkins
18 JANUARY 2005

Architecture of Change: Design Adjusts to the Age of Flux

"The Architecture of Change is a paradigm shift that embraces the transience in today's culture and life in an age that worships change. We are the most news–centric generation ever, ruled by flux and mobility. Process is as important as the continually morphing goals. We are beset with styles, trends and other forces of change. A new means to help sustain our adaptability in the built world is rapidly emerging and can be termed The Architecture of Change. It frees us from buildings and environments that are bland boxes made of immutable materials and mute walls. It enables us to design with more emotion, and deliver experiences driven by content and meaning."
(Richard Foy, 15 October 2004, Design Intelligence)


activityadaptabilityarchitecture • architecture of change • bland boxes • buildings and environmentsbuilt environment • built world • change • changing styles • choreographing social experience • communication as message • communication mediumconstant change • containment • content and meaning • continually morphing goalscultural ideascultural traditionscultural valuesdesign vernaculardigital technologiesdurability • durable materials • dwellingexperience • flux and mobility • focus on people • forces of change • human needs • immutable materials • information sharingluminosity • memorialise our enterprises • messagingmutable • mute walls • news • news-centric generation • paradigm shiftpermanence • perpetuate myths • refreshable information • shelter • staging lived experience • transiencetransparencyuser experience design (UX)

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