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02 FEBRUARY 2016

After Accelerationism: The Xenofeminist Manifesto

"Xenofeminism is gender-abolitionist...Let a hundred sexes bloom! ...[And, let's] construct a society where traits currently assembled under the rubric of gender, no longer furnish a grid for the asymmetric operation of power… You're not exploited or oppressed because you are a wage labourer or poor; you are a labourer or poor because you are exploited..."

(The Laboria Cuboniks collective, 11 June 2015, &&& Journal)



2015accelerationism • alien future • alienationalternative visions • aporias of difference • artificial wombs • becomingbody politicsbrave new world • class exclusion • counterculturecritical reinterpretationcyberfeminismdehumanisationdystopian futureearly 21st century • emancipatory potential of technology • exclusionfeminism • foundationalism • freedom from • freedom to • futuristic visiongender politics • gender-abolitionist • groundless universalism • human sexual experience • identity politicsImmanuel Kant • Laboria Cuboniks (collective) • liminalitymanifestomathematical abstractionmeaning-contextsmediated representationmutant sciencenetwork society • Nicolas Bourbaki • nodes of collective agreement • objective realityporous boundaries • prometheanism • protean ambition • race exclusion • radical recomposition • rationalityreterritorialisationselfhood • sexes • state of alienation • synthetic hormones • techno-utopiatechnoculture • technological alienation • transect • transfeminist perspective • transfeminist political project • transgender • transits • transmodernity • transtemporal • visions of the future • xenofeminism • xenofeminist • xenofeminist manifesto • XFM


Simon Perkins
04 FEBRUARY 2004

Donna Haraway: Situated Knowledges

"Situated knowledges have to do with communities (or affinities), not isolated individuals."Situated knowledges require that the object of knowledge be pictured as an actor or agent, not as a screen or a ground or a resource...." Haraway points specifically to social science projects where the agency of subjects transforms the project of producing social theory and science. However, in the biological sciences, the objects of knowledge are also contingent, not static. In other words, we never have recourse to realism."
(Donna Haraway)



apparatus of bodily production • constructivism • Coyote • embodied objectivity • essentialism • Haraway • identity politics • marked subject • material-semiotic actors • materiality • objects of knowledge • omniscience • partial perspectives • positionality • realismrelativismresponsibilitysemioticssituated knowledges • subaltern • subjugated knowledges • Trickster

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