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13 MARCH 2014

Real or Illusion? Honda CR-V Spot Keeps You Guessing

"'An Impossible Made Possible,' shows the CR–V 1.6 i–DTEC Diesel traversing a surreal landscape of complex and cool visual effects. At one point, we get an Ames room type illusion where a woman blows on her coffee, apparently setting a toy Honda CR–V 1.6 atop a table in motion. It turns out the SUV is really a full–size model parked a few yards behind her ... but the weird eye–candy in the scene doesn't end there. ...

The exceedingly stylized clip, directed by Chris Palmer of Gorgeous, succeeds as a pure content play, and the main advertising element, a somewhat clunky voiceover that talks about 'less fuel in for more miles out,' seem almost intrusive. Still, the point that things aren't always as they appear–a rule this campaign applies to various qualities of the Honda CR–V 1.6, such as gas mileage–is made in exceptionally eye–opening fashion."

(David Gianatasio, 22 October 2013, Adweek)

Fig.1 Honda Illusions, An Impossible Made Possible – New CR–V 1.6 Diesel Video





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Simon Perkins
25 DECEMBER 2007

Japanese consumer products database

"A showcase of different Japanese consumer products from the '70s, '80s and '90s, mostly, including everything from phones, radios, TV sets, audio sets, cameras to vehicles."
(Akira Ota)



1970s1980s1990s • Aiwa • Akira Ota • artefact • Aurex • Canonconsumableconsumer products • Contax • Cosina • Daihatsu • Diatone • EpsonFujifilm • Fujitsu • Hitachi • Hondaindustrial design • Isuzu • Japan • Kawasaki • Kenwood • Konica • Lux • Mamiya • Mazda • Minolta • Nakamich • Nec • Nikon • Nippondenso • Nissan • Olympus • Onkyo • Panasonic • Pentax • pioneerproduct designRicoh • Seiko • Sony • Subaru • Suzuki • Technics • Tomy • Toyota • Victor • vintage technologyYamaha
03 JANUARY 2004

The Honda Accord Cog ad

"Honda's famous 'Cog' video (so–called because the video begins with a single cog rolling down an incline) was produced in the U.K. in 2003 and featured a very Rube Goldberg–esque 'machine' comprised of parts from a Honda Accord. The TV commercial required 606 different takes and four and a half months of production before it was completed, and has gone on to become something of a cult classic."



2003apparatuschain reaction • complicated system • contraption • domino • filmHonda • Honda Accord • inventionmachinenarrative • over-engineered machine • overdone machine • Rube Goldberg machinesequenceTVCUK

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