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05 DECEMBER 2013

How calculus is changing architecture

"So, working with Bentley and MicroStation, we've written a custom piece of software that networks all of the components together into these chunks of information, so that if we change any element along the length of the building, not only does that change distribute through each one of the trusses, but each one of the trusses then distributes that information down the length of the entire facade of the building. So it's a single calculation for every single component of the building that we're adding onto. So, it's tens of millions of calculations just to design one connection between a piece of structural steel and another piece of structural steel. But what it gives us is a harmonic and synthesized relationship of all these components, one to another.

This idea has, kind of, brought me into doing some product design, and it's because design firms that have connections to architects, like, I'm working with Vitra, which is a furniture company, and Alessi, which is a houseware company. They saw this actually solving a problem: this ability to differentiate components but keep them synthetic. So, not to pick on BMW, or to celebrate them, but take BMW as an example. They have to, in 2005, have a distinct identity for all their models of cars. So, the 300 series, or whatever their newest car is, the 100 series that's coming out, has to look like the 700 series, at the other end of their product line, so they need a distinct, coherent identity, which is BMW. At the same time, there's a person paying 30,000 dollars for a 300–series car, and a person paying 70,000 dollars for a 700 series, and that person paying more than double doesn't want their car to look too much like the bottom–of–the–market car. So they have to also discriminate between these products. So, as manufacturing starts to allow more design options, this problem gets exacerbated, of the whole and the parts."

(Greg Lynn, February 2005)



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Simon Perkins
13 OCTOBER 2011

Hollyoaks: visually dramatic wedding trailer

"Hollyoaks released its memorable 'Black Wedding' promo as build–up to the upcoming marriage of Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and Riley Costello (Rob Norbury). Set to the music of Billy Idol's sinister 'White Wedding,' this highly–stylized, artistic trailer was meant to convey the dark, foreboding mood surrounding the event, which was rife with lies, deceit, and even blackmail. Would the very pregnant Mercedes finally cave and confess to Riley that she'd had an affair with his own father, Carl (Paul Opacic), who was serving as his son's best man – or – would she go through with the ceremony ever–fearful that one of the villagers who knew her secret might stand up and tell all? The 45–second video, which was said to have taken 15 hours to film, was directed by Alex Boutell, photographed by Chris Sabogal. and edited by Kel McKeown (host of this1080p HD version at YouTube). And yes, according to Metcalfe, that really was black paint they put in her eye for the final teardrop shot – having joked at the time that it nearly 'killed' her!""

(Kevin Mulcahy Jr., 3 October 2014, We Love Soaps)









2011advert • big event • Billy Idol • Channel 4characterscinematographydarkE4 • episode • gothic • Hollyoaks • Jennifer Metcalfe • Mercedes Fisher • Mercedes McQueen • monochromatic • moody • play it straight • promo • Riley Costello • Rob Norbury • soap opera • spoiler • trailervisual dramavisually dramaticweddingwedding day • wedding trailer • white wedding


Simon Perkins
06 MAY 2011

Cologne Cathedral pixelated stained glass window

"In August 2007 Gerhard Richter's new stained glass window for the south transept of Cologne Cathedral was unveiled. The original window was destroyed in World War II and had been replaced with plain glass. Inspired by Richter's 1974 painting '4096 Farben', the window consists of around 11,500 hand–blown glass squares in 72 different colours. Echoing the colours of the surrounding windows, Richter's illuminated abstraction blends a modernist aesthetic with the Gothic ecclesiastical architecture of the cathedral."

(Gerhard Richter)



19742007 • 4096 Farben • abstractioncathedralCologne • Cologne Cathedral • colourcolour field • ecclesiastical architecture • Gerhard Richter • Germany • glass squares • gothic • hand-blown • illuminated abstraction • modernist aestheticpixel • pixelated stained glass • pixilated • randomstained glass • stained glass window • windowWorld War II


Simon Perkins

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