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03 JUNE 2006

Epicenter: Biometric Data Sharing Used To Improve Retail Experience

ARCHI–TECH Jan–Feb, 2005 (Stamats Buildings Media, Inc.)
New technologies can change architecture in other ways, even if they do not comprise the building material itself. In Hariri & Hariri's Epicenter: Retail Prototype from 2001, the firm ... envisioned a distribution infrastructure that, when used with high–tech devices and displays, reorganised customer space and merged traditional retail with online shopping.

The EpiCenter design scans a shopper's body at the entrance and transmits it throughout the retail complex, which enables shoppers to try things on virtually. Shoppers are given devices that can store such personal information as sizes, preferences, and previous purchases, and they enable people to purchase items digitally. In addition, what you buy can be delivered to your home before you even get there.



architecture • EpiCenter • Hariri and Haririprototyperetail
22 JUNE 2005

Un-private house: private becomes public

"The incorporation of technology, as an integrated aspect of modern society, has caused the home/private sphere to become more public in theory as well as in actuality. The accessibility of the outside/public sphere from within the home with the use of technology and the opportunity to work inside the home has become an increasingly popular phenomenon."

(Tanya Oh, Art History 192, Semester 1/Spring 2004, University of California)



2004 • Gisue Hariri • Hariri and Haririhomehome and living • Mojgan Hariri • privacyprivate spaceprivate/publicpublic space • Tanya Oh • The Digital Houseurban design
03 JANUARY 2004

The DJ authors by selection

"A DJ is somebody who exemplifies 'authoring by selection,' they are an example of how anti–montage aesthetics of continuity cuts across culture and is not limited to the creation of computer still and moving images and spaces. DJ?s art is measured by their ability to seamlessly go from one track to another. A great DJ is thus a compositor and anti–montage artist par excellence. They are able to create a perfect temporal transition from very different musical layers; in real time, in front of the dancing crowd."

(Hariri & Hariri, The Digital House, project, 1988)



1988 • anti-montage • archetypeauthorclosurecompositorcontinuitydisc jockeydisparateDJHariri and Hariri • infinitum • layermixremixrepeatsample • seamless • The Digital Housetransition

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