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12 JANUARY 2014

Chris O'Shea's interactive installation: Hand from Above

"Hand From Above encourages us to question our normal routine when we often find ourselves rushing from one destination to another. Inspired by Land of the Giants and Goliath, we are reminded of mythical stories by mischievously unleashing a giant hand from the BBC Big Screen. Passers by will be playfully transformed. What if humans weren't on top of the food chain? Unsuspecting pedestrians will be tickled, stretched, flicked or removed entirely in real–time by a giant deity.

Hand from Above is a joint co–commission between FACT: Foundation for Art & Creative Technology and Liverpool City Council for BBC Big Screen Liverpool and the Live Sites Network. It premiered during the inaugural Abandon Normal Devices Festival."






2009 • Abandon Normal Devices Festival • arts festivalaugmented reality • BBC Big Screens Project • camera-based interactionChris OSheadigital displaysdigital screensFoundation for Art and Creative Technologygiant • giant hand • Goliath • hand • Hand from Above (2009) • immersive experienceinteractive digital displayinteractive displayinteractive installationinteractive screen • Land of the Giants (television) • Live Sites Network • Liverpool • Liverpool City Council • mythical stories • OpenCVOpenFrameworks • Owen Lloyd • public space


Simon Perkins
24 MAY 2009

The Iron Hand of Götz Von Berlichingen

... in 1504 "centuries ahead of its time. The [prosthetic] iron hand not only allowed [Götz Von Berlichingen] to return to battle, but later helped lay the foundation for modern prosthetics. Complete with articulated fingers, spring action and an array of levers and buttons, the hand allowed a degree of control that's stunning even today."
(David Forbes, 12 March 2008 )



Simon Perkins
07 JULY 2007

TactaPad: Innovative Haptic Input Device

"Interact with your computer in a direct and natural way. With the TactaPad you can reach into your computer and use both of your hands. Just like the real world."



handhaptichaptic interfaceinput devicenatural • TactaPad • touch

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