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29 JANUARY 2012

The Way We Were: post-punk performances from the 1970s

"Channel 4 UK programme first broadcast circa 1984 / 1985–ish. Hosted by the late Tony Wilson, it's a compilation of performances by bands taken from his previous TV shows in the late 70's, such as So It Goes. Includes Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop, The Fall, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Penetration, Wreckless Eric, Ian Dury, Tom Robinson, Magazine, John Cooper Clarke, XTC and Joy Division–many of them making their TV debuts."

(The Herb Whisperer)



1970s197619771978 • alternative • alternative music • alternative rock • authorshipbandBlondie • Buzzcocks • Channel 4 • Cherry Vanilla • compilationdebut • Devo • DIY ethicdocumentary • Elvis Costello • Factory Records • Ian Dury • Iggy Popindie rockindie scene • John Cooper Clarke • Joy Divisionlive performance • Magazine (band) • musicmusic documentarymusic videonew wave • Nick Lowe • Penetration (band) • performances • Poly Styrene • post-punkpunkpunk rockpunk rock ethosSex PistolsSham 69 • Siouxsie and the Banshees • So It Goes • subcultureThe Clash • The Fall • The Jam • Tom Robinson Band • Tony WilsonTV • TV programme • UK • underground music • Wreckless Eric • XTC • youth culture


Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2011

Andy Warhol: The thing that I like most about doing this kind of art on the Amiga is that it looks like my work

"'Long term Amiga users will remember the unveiling of the Commodore A1000 on July 23rd 1985 at the New York Lincoln Centre. As part of the demonstration of the Amigas ability Commodore invited Andy Warhol to create a portrait of Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie using Island Graphics Graphicraft. This was accompanied by a full score synthesised by Roger Powell and Mike Boom, author of Musicraft."

(Gareth Knight)

Fig.1,2 Amiga world premiere launch of Amiga 1000, July 23rd 1985 (including Andy Warhol painting Debbie Harry on an Amiga)

Fig.3–8,9 Guy Wright and Glenn Suokko, photography by Edward Judice. 'Andy Warhol: An Artist and His Amiga'. AmigaWorld Magazine, January/February 1986: p.16–21.








1980s198519868-bit • 8bit • Amiga • Amiga 1000 • Amiga Pro Paint • Andy WarholartBlondiecelebrityCommodore • Commodore A1000 • computercomputer animationcreative practice • Debbie Harry • desktop publishingdigital culturedrawingDTP • Edward Judice • Glenn Suokko • Guy Wright • historyhome computerinnovation • Island Graphics Graphicraft • material productionmedia art • Mike Boom • motion graphics • Musicraft • New YorkNorth American artistPCpersonal computerpop artportrait • premiere • Roger Powell • synthesizertechnology


Simon Perkins

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