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01 MARCH 2017

Trump’s 10 Steps for Turning Lies into Half-Truths

Robert Reich, 28 February 2017, Inequality Media.



10-step plan • 2017baseless claimsbe vigilantbelieving lies to be trueblogosphereconfused and disorientedconfusion tacticscontradictory narrativescontradictory perspectives • creating controversy • deceitfulnessdeceptiondeliberate intention to misleaddestabilised perceptiondiscrediting experts • dishonest • dishonesty • disputed fact • Donald Trumpexpert informationexpert knowledgefake news • fallacious belief • false claimsfalse statementsfalsehood • falsehoods • falsify realityfound to be true by manygaslighting • Gerard Baker • gullibility • Inequality Media • know the truth • lies • lying • mainstream media • media reports • mental tricks • mincing words • misleading messagemistruths • near truths • partisan divide • perceptions of realitypolitical control • political tactics • post-truth • post-truth politicspost-truth world • president • pro-Trump mediapublic thought • questioning expert knowledge • report lies as lies • Republican • right-wing blogosphere • Robert Reich • spread the truth • tweets • US president • Wall Street Journalwhat is really happening


Simon Perkins
20 MARCH 2011

General Practice Notebook: an online medical encyclopaedia

"GPnotebook is a concise synopsis of the entire field of clinical medicine focussed on the needs of the General Practitioner.

The database is continually being updated by a team of authors. We take a pragmatic approach to authoring: we look out for topical issues, keep track of the journals and update material in response to user feedback.

We use a range of knowledge sources, including clinical experience, knowledge taken from literature reviews, original research articles and guidelines published by national and international bodies. In many cases references are made to sources of information; we are committed to making GPnotebook fully referenced in the near future. As a team we review each other's work but we also rely in the feedback from experts in primary care and the various clinical specialities to keep us on the right track.

Our editorial decisions are based on merit and are not influenced by any funding bodies.

We make every effort to ensure that the contents of the site are correct however we cannot be held responsible for any errors or ommissions."

(Oxbridge Solutions Ltd., UK)


body • clinical • clinical medicinedatabasediagnosisdiseasedoctorencyclopaediaexpert knowledgegeneral practitionerGP • GP Notebook • guidelineshealthhuman patientsillnessinformationinjuryknowledge baseknowledge repositorymedicalmedical practice • medical reference • medical researchnotebook • online encyclopaedia • operationpainpractitioner • prevention • primary care • prognosis • public healthreferencerepositoryresearch findingssearchsearch enginesexual healthsufferingtherapytreatmentUK


Simon Perkins

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