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19 JANUARY 2013

Make your own 'Hitler finds out...' parody video

"You've probably seen your share of 'Hitler finds out...' and 'Hitler reacts to...' videos that take the famous scene from the 2004 movie Downfall (Der Untergang) and add funny subtitles misrepresenting the reason for Hitler's rage... This website lets you create such videos easily. All you need to do is come up with the captions. We'll make the video for you and upload it straight to your YouTube account."

(Jacek Fedorynski)



2004Adolf Hitler • air-raid shelter • Bruno Ganz • bunkercaption • captions • composure • Der Untergang • Downfall (2004) • extreme frustrationfamous scene • fuhrerbunker • funny subtitles • Hitler finds out • Hitler reacts to • Jacek Fedorynski • memememe culturemisrepresentation • misrepresenting • Oliver Hirschbiegel • parodyragesubtitlevideosYouTube


Simon Perkins
13 MARCH 2011

Extreme frustration: in reality and the Meisner technique

"The Meisner acting technique is a many layered approach that relies heavily on a practice known as emotional preparation. Named after Sanford Meisner, the Meisner technique began as a systematic study of the art of acting for theatre. Based on work done by Russian actor Constantine Stanislovski, Meisner created a hybrid technique that he felt was better suited to the American actor and American theatre. ...

Actors using the Meisner acting technique have the ability to immerse themselves in an emotional 'state' of the character before going onstage. Rather than pretending extreme frustration they must ARE extremely frustrated as they enter the scene. Furthermore, Meisner believed that any actor looking to exploit the Meisner acting technique does their homework by creating and developing a complete set of circumstances and a complete emotional landscape that is in tune with the deeper cravings, needs and emotions that have caused the character to be frustrated."

(Maggie Flanigan Studio)



acting is doing • actoraggression • anger • artistic practicebreakdowncharacter • circumstances • composurecomputercomputer printerconflictConstantin Stanislavskidistressdramaemotion • emotional landscape • emotional preparation • emotional undercurrent • escalation • expressionextreme frustrationfilm acting • forceful • frustrationgesturehate • high emotion • incidentintensity • Maggie Flanigan • Meisner technique • office • outburst • PCperformancepersonal experiencephysical actions • physical task • Prt Sc • ragereactionSanford Meisnerscene • tantrum • temper


Simon Perkins

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