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17 DECEMBER 2014

Remembering childhood and the nostalgia of home

"Quand on grandit on decouvre que les endroits et les objets qu'on connaissait avant sont beaucoup plus petit que dans notre souvenir.

Запах бабушкиного борща возвращает память в далекое счастливое детство."

(Natalia Chernysheva)

Natalia Chernysheva (2013). "Le retour" (The Return). Produced as student of the La Poudrière course at école du film d'animation.



2013 • accordion music • allegoryanimated short film • borscht • broth • buschildhood memorieschilds perspectivefamilyfemale protagonist • French animation • granddaughter • grandmother • growing uphand-illustratedhand-painted stop motion animation • homecoming • illustrative stylein perspective • International Animated Film Festival KROK • kiss • La Poudriere • Le retour (2013) • memory and nostalgia • Natalia Chernysheva • one minute film • poignant memories • returning homerural liferusticsmellsoupstudent films • yearning for past times • young girl


Simon Perkins
13 MARCH 2011

Inception remade as a 60-second Victorian woodcut animation

"This Gilliamesque 60–second adaptation of Inception uses delightful Victorian woodcuts to tell the story. It was an entry in a Jameson's whisky competition by Wolfgang Matzl."

(Cory Doctorow, 11 March 2011, Boing Boing via Super Punch)



2D2D animation • 60 second short film • adaptationanimation • Austrian animator • creative practicedesignillustrationillustrative styleInception (2010)motion designone minute filmpapercraftremix culturerevisionsequence designshort filmstop motionVictorianvisual artsvisual communicationvisual design • Wolfgang Matzl • woodcutwoodcut animation • woodcut illustrations


Simon Perkins

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