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19 MAY 2013

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

"This disturbing film records the successful experiments in the resuscitation of life to dead animals (dogs), as conducted by Dr. S.S. Bryukhonenko at the Institute of Experimental Physiology and Therapy, Voronezh, U.S.S.R. Director: D.I. Yashin. Camera: E.V. Kashina. Narrator: Professor Walter B. Cannon. Introduced by Professor J.B.S. Haldane."

(Moving Image Archive)



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Simon Perkins
07 JULY 2009

10 standards to which physicians must conform when carrying out experiments on human subjects

"The judgment by the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg laid down 10 standards to which physicians must conform when carrying out experiments on human subjects in a new code that is now accepted worldwide.

This judgment established a new standard of ethical medical behavior for the post World War II human rights era. Amongst other requirements, this document enunciates the requirement of voluntary informed consent of the human subject. The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of the individual to control his own body.

This code also recognizes that the risk must be weighed against the expected benefit, and that unnecessary pain and suffering must be avoided.

This code recognizes that doctors should avoid actions that injure human patients.

The principles established by this code for medical practice now have been extened into general codes of medical ethics."
(Circumcision Reference Library, 7 December 1996)


1947bodyconductdoctor • ethical medical behaviour • ethicsGeneva conventionhuman experimentationhuman patientshuman rightshuman rights violationhuman subjectsinjuryliabilitymedical ethicsmedical practice • Nuremberg • Nuremberg Code • Nuremberg Trialspainprotectionresponsibilitysuffering • voluntary informed consent • war crimes • war crimes tribunal • World War II


Simon Perkins

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