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19 DECEMBER 2013

Microsoft Research India: Rich Interactive Narratives

"The Microsoft Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) research project aims to combine traditional forms of storytelling with new visualization technologies to create compelling interactive digital narratives. The RIN project is an undertaking by Microsoft Research India in collaboration with the Interactive Visual Experience group in Microsoft Research Redmond and the Microsoft Research Connections."



2008digital heritage • Experience Streams • HD View • HTML • immersive walkthrough • Indiainteractive digital narrativesinteractive narrativeinteractive storytelling • Interactive Visual Experience group • interactive walkthrough • JavaScriptJSONMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Research • Microsoft Research Connections • Microsoft Research India • Microsoft Research Redmond • Microsoft Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) • multiple experiences • narrated walkthrough • nonlinear stories • Photosynth • point cloud • research project • Rich Interactive Narratives (RIN) • RIN Core • RIN project • RIN technology • semantic representation • Silverlight • Sri Andal Temple Digital Heritage • Sri Andal Temple project • stitched imagesstorytellingstorytelling forms • Tamil Nadu • templethread • traditional forms • visualisation technologies • walkthroughXML


Simon Perkins
11 MARCH 2011

Bullet Time: digitally-enhanced simulation of variable-speed photography

"GUN REPORT THUNDERS through the underground, both men BLASTING, moving at impossible speed.

For a blinking moment we enter BULLET–TIME.

Gun flash tongues curl from Neo's gun, bullets float forward like a plane moving across the sky, cartridges cartwheel into space. ..."

(Larry and Andy Wachowski, 3 June 1997, Science Fiction and Fantasy Movie Scripts)



1997 • Andy Wachowski • applied research • bullet • bullet timecamerachoreographycinemacinematographydevicediscovery • effect • experimentation • frame interpolation • history of cinema • John Gaeta • Keanu Reeves • Larry Wachowski • movementphotographypioneeringPOVshuttersimulationslow motion • slow-mo • solutionspecial effectsspectaclestop frametechniquetechnology • temps mort • The Matrix (1999)time slicingtimelapse • variable-speed • VFX • view morphing • virtual camera • virtual cinematography • visual depictionvisual effectsvisualisationwalkthrough


Simon Perkins

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