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26 MAY 2017

Colloque de chiens

"Monique apprend que sa mère n'est pas sa vraie mère. À partir de maintenant plus rien ne sera pareil."



1977 • adoption • barking • city landscape • Colloque de chiens (1977) • dog • Dogs Dialogue (1977) • Eva Simonet • gender • gender alterations • gender identity • gender subversion • love and fulfillment • melodrama • Michael Graham • murder • narrated off-screen • parodyphoto filmphoto romanphotographic stills • pop culture stereotypes • popular conventions • prostitution • Raul Ruiz • repetitions of gestures • repetitions of images • repetitions of statements • Robert Darmel • sexuality • short crime film • short film • Silke Humel • still imagesstillness • stillness and movement • telenovela • undesirable places


Simon Perkins
11 MARCH 2011

La Jetee: a science-fiction film about time, memory and history

"This is the story of a man, marked by an image from his childhood. The violent scene that upsets him, and whose meaning he was to grasp only years later, happened on the main jetty at Orly, the Paris airport, sometime before the outbreak of World War III.

Orly, Sunday. Parents used to take their children there to watch the departing planes.

On this particular Sunday, the child whose story we are telling was bound to remember the frozen sun, the setting at the end of the jetty, and a woman's face.

Nothing sorts out memories from ordinary moments. Later on they do claim remembrance when they show their scars. That face he had seen was to be the only peacetime image to survive the war. Had he really seen it? Or had he invented that tender moment to prop up the madness to come?

The sudden roar, the woman's gesture, the crumpling body, and the cries of the crowd on the jetty blurred by fear.

Later, he knew he had seen a man die.

And sometime after came the destruction of Paris. ..."

(Chris Marker, 1962)

Fig.1 [Français] Chris Marker (1962). "La Jetée", Argos Films.



1962abandoned streetsacross timeairportapocalypse • childhood image • Chris Marker • cine-roman • circular narrative structuredeathdestruction • Etienne Becker • Helene Chatelain • history • Jean Negroni • jettyLa Jeteememory • Orly • Parisphoto filmphoto romanphotographic stillspierportal (science fiction)science-fictionsequence designspectaclespeculative fictionstill imagetimetime travel • Twelve Monkeys • visual depiction


Simon Perkins

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