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16 MARCH 2012

Babakiueria: the colonialisation of European Australians by Indigenous Australians

"Presenter Duranga Manika (Michelle Torres) describes her fascination with white people and their customs and explains how she spent six months living with a 'typical white family' (Tony Barry, Cecily Polson, Kelan Angel, Margeurita Haynes). She also asks members of the general public for their opinions on white people and speaks to the Minister for White Affairs (Bob Maza).

[Geoffrey] Atherden's script takes stereotypes of Australian culture and, with tongue–in–cheek humour, views them as though for the first time, as mysterious, alien and strange. Here, the barbecue is singled out. Elsewhere Manika describes the football match as ritualised violence and betting at the TAB as a religion, while a police commissioner calls the Anzac Day March a ritual where white people 'honour their warrior ancestors' but wonders why it can't be done at home.

Presenter Duranga Manika's ethnographic study of white people simplifies, patronises and mystifies her subjects. Every mundane detail of this one family's everyday life is invested with serious cultural significance. Bob Maza's Minister for White Affairs compresses a history of government treatment of Indigenous Australians into one self–satisfied, authoritative figure. It is interesting that while these characters treat 'white' culture with such fascination, they treat 'black' culture as such a given that the audience does not find out much about it."

(Kate Matthews, Australian Screen)



17881986Aboriginalalien and strangeANZAC • ANZAC Day • ASO • audio and visual heritageaudiovisual archiveAustraliaAustralian cultureAustralian Screen • authoritative figure • Babakiueria • barbecue • Barbecue area • BBQ • belongingblack culture • Bob Maz • Bob Maza • Cecily Polson • colonial misrecognition • colonisationcultural anthropologycultural critiquecultural perspectivecultural significanceculture and customsethicsethnographic studyethnography • Euro-Australians • European Australians • fictitious land • First Australiansflagfootball • for their own good • gambling • Geoffrey Atherden • government treatment • humourIndigenousIndigenous AustraliansIndigenous peopleinvasion • Kelan Angel • Margeurita Haynes • Michelle Torres • Minister for White Affairs • mockumentary • National Film and Sound Archivenative peopleNFSApatronisingpostcolonial • powerboat • racial inequality • racial profiling • religionritual • ritualised violence • role-reversal • satiresatiricalsettlementstereotype • TAB • tongue-in-cheek • Tony Barry • typical white family • untamed land • white culture • white people • white settlement


Simon Perkins
22 FEBRUARY 2011

Antlion Soccer: first-person gaming platforms for experimental narrative projects

"In early 2007, we were awarded a speculative research grant to investigate the use of first–person gaming platforms for experimental narrative projects. A small development studio has been established and has produced a completed single–user experience, based upon the Source engine. A second experimental single–player experience is at beta stage, and a third is planned. The completed mod embeds extensive, randomised narrative fragments in audio triggers throughout a bespoke environment. supplemented by abstract visual and audio media assets. [...] The second mod subverts traditional squad–based play by using custom fixed–state AI expansion of existing Half Life 2 agents to create an experience where the player becomaes leader of a helpless squad with discernible individual characteristics in a hostile environment. Although it is not envisaged that this will be completed at the time of presentation, a proof–of–concept demo will be on display. Finally, footage and information of an additional, multiplayer game developed to test mod concepts and already in the public domain will be displayed"

(Videogame Visionary)



2007AHRC • Antlion Soccer • applied researchconceptualisation • Dan Pinchbeck • demoDiGRAdiscoveryenquiryexperience • experimental narrative • experimentationfirst-personfootballFPSgame designgamesgames research • gaming platforms • Half-Life (video game) • mod • multiplayer game • narrativeposter presentationresearchsingle-player • single-user experience • speculative researchtheory building • vgvisionary • Videogame Visionary • virtual environments


Simon Perkins

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