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13 OCTOBER 2011

Dead Island: a holiday paradise gone mad

"The player is drawn into the world of Dead Island on the brink of a mysterious epidemic that suddenly, and without warning, breaks out on the fictional island of Banoi. As a guest of the Royal Palms Resort, the player's stay was supposed to be a dream holiday; a luxurious getaway to the beautiful beaches of a tropical paradise. But faced with the reality of a zombie apocalypse, there is only one thing left to do: Survive."

(Deep Silver Inc.)



2011apocalypse • atmosphere design • Banoi • beach • Bedlam • CGchaos • co-operative play • Dead Island • Deep Silver Inc. • dream holiday • epidemic • escape the island • fictional island • first-person • first-person action • game • gruesome zombies • holiday • holiday paradise • horrorhotellighting • luxurious • madnessmysteriousmysterious outbreakopen worldPlaystation 3 • Royal Palms Resort • RPGslasherstory-based experienceterrortexturingtrailer • tropical island • tropical paradise • uninfected • vacation • VFXviolencevisual effects • weapon customisation • Xbox 360zombie • zombie apocalypse • zombie outbreak • zombie-slasher


Jade Oakley
22 FEBRUARY 2011

Antlion Soccer: first-person gaming platforms for experimental narrative projects

"In early 2007, we were awarded a speculative research grant to investigate the use of first–person gaming platforms for experimental narrative projects. A small development studio has been established and has produced a completed single–user experience, based upon the Source engine. A second experimental single–player experience is at beta stage, and a third is planned. The completed mod embeds extensive, randomised narrative fragments in audio triggers throughout a bespoke environment. supplemented by abstract visual and audio media assets. [...] The second mod subverts traditional squad–based play by using custom fixed–state AI expansion of existing Half Life 2 agents to create an experience where the player becomaes leader of a helpless squad with discernible individual characteristics in a hostile environment. Although it is not envisaged that this will be completed at the time of presentation, a proof–of–concept demo will be on display. Finally, footage and information of an additional, multiplayer game developed to test mod concepts and already in the public domain will be displayed"

(Videogame Visionary)



2007AHRC • Antlion Soccer • applied researchconceptualisation • Dan Pinchbeck • demoDiGRAdiscoveryenquiryexperience • experimental narrative • experimentationfirst-personfootballFPSgame designgamesgames research • gaming platforms • Half-Life (video game) • mod • multiplayer game • narrativeposter presentationresearchsingle-player • single-user experience • speculative researchtheory building • vgvisionary • Videogame Visionary • virtual environments


Simon Perkins

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