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18 MAY 2009

Bebo employed by Irish dissident republicans to recruit children

"Police are investigating claims that dissident republicans are attempting to recruit children as young as 13 through social networking sites.
A number of different sites claiming to be linked to dissident groups have attracted hundreds of young people as members which urge Irish youths to 'join the struggle'.

A site on Bebo claiming to be in support of the Real IRA asks young people to join and 'show support for dissident republicans!'."

(Victoria O'Hara, 23 April 2009, Belfast Telegraph)


anglophobiaBeboBelfastbelongingCatholicChristiancoercioncommunityemotive manipulationethicsgangIreland • loyalist • Northern Ireland • Protestant • radicalisation • Real IRA • Republicansocial changesocial networkingsociety • taig • violence


Simon Perkins
22 APRIL 2005

Heartfield: Political Commentary Through Photomontage

"Exposing Nazism, and its leaders, to ridicule was [John] Heartfield's main aim in the 30s. 'The Meaning of the Hitler Salute' shows Hitler's right hand accepting a wad of bank notes from a gigantic bourgeois standing behind him. ''Little man requests big donation. Motto: Millions are behind me.

Heartfield was an early pioneer of photomontage. He used it as a political weapon to challenge fascism prior to the 2nd World War. For Heartfield ''New political problems demand[ed] new means of propaganda. For this task photography [possessed] the greatest power of persuasion."

(The Leninist, 1992)

Fig.1 John Heartfield (1932). Der Sinn des Hitlergrusses: Kleiner Mann bittet um große Gaben. Motto: Millonen Stehen Hinter Mir! [The Meaning of the Hitler Salute: Little man asks for big gifts. Motto: Millions Stand Behind Me!], 1932 [–of–art/1987.1125.8]



1932 • activismAdolf Hitleranglophobia • character portrait • fotomontageGermanguerrilla tacticsHelmut HerzfeldJohn HeartfieldNaziparodypersuasionphotographyphotomontagepolitical • political poster • propagandaridiculetacticThird Reichundermineupstaging

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