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28 FEBRUARY 2015

2007 Joy Division documentary by Grant Gee on BBC Four

Grant Gee (Director). (2007). Joy Division: Hudson Productions; Brown Owl Films []. Broadcast 27 February 2015, 21:00, BBC Four.



2007 • Alan Hempsall • Annik Honore • Anton Corbijn • audiotapes • BBC FourBernard Sumner • Bob Dickinson • Cabaret Voltaire • Deborah Curtis • enduring musical legacy • Genesis P-Orridge • Grant Gee • Iain Gray • Ian Curtis • John Peel • Jon Savage • Jon Wozencroft • Joy Division • Kevin Cummins • Lesley Gilbert • Lindsay Reade • live performance footage • Liz Naylor • Malcolm Whitehead • Manchester • Martin Hannett • music documentary • music legacy • music scene • Paul Morley • Pete Shelley • Peter HookPeter Savillepost-punkpostindustrial • Richard Boon • Richard Kirk • Richard Searling • Rob Gretton • social and political change • Stephen Morristelevision documentary • Terry Mason • Tony Wilson • unique time and place • visual account


Simon Perkins
18 FEBRUARY 2011

The evolution of Postmodernism

"On the way to postmodern, the struggle to reform modern capitalism's dark side, fragmented into a thousand strands. An era approach is rejected – dating the arrival of postmodernism is impossible as is the construction of a linear episodic narrative, moving from the premodern to the modern and then to postmodern. Instead postmodern methods, theories, and worldviews proliferate, as do modern and premodern ones. There are numerous postmodern approaches ranging from naive postmodernism (McPostmodernism) that hails the arrival of postindustrial and complex/adaptive organizations, Baudrillard's and Lyotard's versions of radical breaks from modernity, to others seeking more integration with critical theory. Some claim to have moved beyond postmodern to something called postpostmodern that would include hybrids (postmodern variants with modern and premodern), language 'heteroglossia' (the coexistence of many voices at the same time in tension with each other), and various 'dark side postmoderns' looking at global reterritorialization, postmodern war, postcolonialism and the ills of capitalism"

(David M. Boje, 2007)

1). Postmodernism – by David M. Boje (2007) To appear in Yiannis Gabriel's Thesaurus, London: Oxford University Press, forthcoming


Bruno Latourcapitalismconsumption spectaclecritical theorycritiquedeconstruction • Douglas Kellner • episodic narrative • Fredric Jameson • Gibson Burrell • grand narrativesGulf WarGuy Debordheteroglossia • history of philosophy • iPodJacques DerridaJean BaudrillardJean-Francois LyotardJurgen HabermaslanguageLas Vegas • Linda Smircich • Marta B Calas • McDonalds • McPostmodernism • Michel FoucaultmodernismmodernityNietzscheNikePeter Druckerpost-structuralismpostindustrialPostmodernpostmodernismpremodernreterritorialisation • Steven Best • Stewart R. Clegg • Vietnam war • Wal-Mart • William Bergquist • World War IWorld War II


Simon Perkins

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