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15 FEBRUARY 2011

UK Protection of Freedoms Bill - Public Reading Stage

"On Friday 11th February 2011, the Coalition Government published the Protection of Freedoms Bill. ... Some of the measures came from the 14,000 ideas left on the Your Freedom website.

The Government is committed to continuing this public engagement with the content of the Protection of Freedoms Bill. This website gives you the opportunity to comment on each clause contained in the Bill. Your comments will get collated at the end of this public consultation and fed through directly to the Parliamentarians who will carry the Bill through the House of Commons (go to the Parliament website to learn about the passage of a bill). These comments will assist and challenge MPs, aiding their scrutiny and debate on the details of the Bill. This is a pilot for the 'public reading stage' that the Government wants to introduce to give the public an increased say in all bills"

(UK Cabinet Office, 2011)


2011agency • Big Society • coalition governmentconsultationdebatedecision makingdemocracydiscussionengagementengaging citizensGovernmentHouse of Commonsparticipationpilot projectpolicypolitical engagementpolitics • Protection of Freedoms Bill • publicpublic consultationpublic decision-making • public engagement • Public Reading StagePublic Reading StageUK • UK Cabinet Office • website • Your Freedom website


Simon Perkins
15 FEBRUARY 2011

Lessons in participation from 'Our Budget, Our Economy'

"Efforts to improve political engagement don't come much bigger than the work done by, which has set itself a mission to 'reinvigorate American democracy by engaging citizens in the public decision–making that most impacts their lives'.

One of its recent efforts was a 'national town meeting' to discuss ways of dealing with America's federal budget deficit. It saw 3,500 Americans gathered at 57 sites across the country on June 26, 2010.

Participants from a range of social and political backgrounds debated 42 options for closing the deficit (a report to Congress is available), and at the end of the day 91 per cent said they were 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied' with the tone and quality of the discussion.

And in an interesting result that shows the value of deliberation and discussion, only 15 per cent said their views were not at all influenced by others and just three per cent said they did not learn anything during the meeting."

(, 7 December 2010)


2010 • • budgetconsultationdebatedecision makingdemocracydiscussioneconomyengagementengaging citizens • federal budget deficit • national town meeting • North Americaopinion pollsparticipationpolicypolitical engagementpoliticspollingpollspublicpublic decision-making • reinvigorate American democracy • town meeting • US Congress


Simon Perkins
19 JANUARY 2011

The Fountainhead: parodying the absurdity of easy empiricism

Peter: "What do you think of this building? I'm taking a poll of the guests..." Dominique: – "A what?" Peter: "– A poll of opinion about it". Dominique: "What for? In order to find out what you think of it yourself?" Peter: "We have to consider public opinion, don't we?"

[After approaching Dominique Francon at the Enright Building opening – Peter Keating makes the assumption that Dominique Francon shares his faith in polling for deciding the worth of design.]



audience reaction • audience response • ballot • customer satisfaction • DCD • design by committeedesigner-centred design • Dominique Francon • easy empiricismend user studies • group opinion • impromptu straw poll • investment in mediocrity • limitations of quantitative methodologiesmediocrityopinionopinion pollsPatricia Neal • perpetuating mediocrity • Peter Keating • pollingpollspower without responsibilitypublic decision-making • public opinion • reinforcing prejudice • seeking approval • simple evaluations • straw poll • straw vote • testing perpetuates mediocritytesting processThe Fountainheaduninformed opinionuninformed perspectivesunqualified opinionusability testinguser testinguser-based evaluationwhat I reckon


Simon Perkins

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