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28 DECEMBER 2012

Influential American experimental cinema: Meshes of the Afternoon

"Meshes of the Afternoon is one of the most influential works in American experimental cinema. A non–narrative work, it has been identified as a key example of the 'trance film,' in which a protagonist appears in a dreamlike state, and where the camera conveys his or her subjective focus. The central figure in Meshes of the Afternoon, played by Deren, is attuned to her unconscious mind and caught in a web of dream events that spill over into reality. Symbolic objects, such as a key and a knife, recur throughout the film; events are open–ended and interrupted. Deren explained that she wanted 'to put on film the feeling which a human being experiences about an incident, rather than to record the incident accurately.'

Made by Deren with her husband, cinematographer Alexander Hammid, Meshes of the Afternoon established the independent avant–garde movement in film in the United States, which is known as the New American Cinema. It directly inspired early works by Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, and other major experimental filmmakers. Beautifully shot by Hammid, a leading documentary filmmaker and cameraman in Europe (where he used the surname Hackenschmied) before he moved to New York, the film makes new and startling use of such standard cinematic devices as montage editing and matte shots. Through her extensive writings, lectures, and films, Deren became the preeminent voice of avant–garde cinema in the 1940s and the early 1950s."

(MoMA, 2004)

The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA Highlights, New York: The Museum of Modern Art, revised 2004, originally published 1999.

Maya Deren (1943). "Meshes of the Afternoon", 16mm film, black and white, silent, 14 min. Acquired from the Artist.



16mm1943 • Alexander Hackenschmied • Alexander Hammid • American cinemaavant-garde cinemablack and whiteBolexcinemacinematic devicescloakdeathdream • dream world • dreamlike qualityeditingexperimental cinemaexperimental film • experimental filmmaker • filmfilm pioneerfilmmakerflowerFreudianindependent cinemainfluential directorinfluential worksKenneth Angerkeyknife • matte • Maya Deren • Meshes of the Afternoon • mirrorMoMA • New American Cinema • non-narrativeopen-endedpersonal filmrecurring ideasrepetitionrhythmscreen-mediated virtual spaceseminalsilent filmstaircaseStan Brakhagesurrealist cinemasymbolic meaningsymbolism • Teiji Ito • tranceunconscious desires • unconscious meaning • women in filmwomen in historywordless


Simon Perkins
04 FEBRUARY 2012

Kenneth Anger & Brian Butler's Technicolor Skull

"Technicolor Skull performs their first West Coast appearance at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles on November 19, 2011, as part of the opening reception for Kenneth Anger: ICONS. This exhibition will showcase the films, books, and artwork of one of the most original and enigmatic filmmakers of post–war American cinema. This coincides with the release of Technicolor Skull's self–titled recorded debut, a one–sided, bloodred 180 gram 12' vinyl LP limited to 666 copies.

Technicolor Skull is an experiment in light and sound, exploring the psychic impact of a magick ritual in the context of an improvised performance. With Brian Butler on guitar and electronic instruments, and Kenneth Anger on theremin, their collaboration is a performance contained inside a ritual of unknown origin, tapping into occult stories that extend musical language into initiation. Hidden messages escape through gesture and light, manifesting as a one–time–only event."

(Richard Metzger, 18/11/2011)



12 inch • 12 inch vinyl LP2011 • 666 • American cinemaavant-garde • Brian Butler • colour • electronic instrument • enigmatic filmmaker • eventexperimentgestureguitar • hidden messages • ICONS (exhibition) • improvised performance • Kenneth Angerlight • light and sound • limited edition • livelive performanceLP • magick ritual • magick ritual of light and sound • MOCA • Museum of Contemporary Art • musical language • occult • one-time-only • performancepost-warpsychedelic • psychic • retrospective exhibitionritualskull • Technicolor Skull • Thereminvinyl recordvisual spectacle


Simon Perkins
17 NOVEMBER 2003

Kenneth Anger: Sadomasochism, Motorcycles And Catechizing

"Scorpio Rising is about a motorcycle gang that Kenneth Anger met in Brooklyn. It is centred on the emblematic figure of Bruce Byron, shown in various situations: in his apartment decorated with fetishes and idols; at a motorcycle party; in the midst of desecrating a church. But the film uses alternating editing to cut these scenes with... a film about a group of catechists recounting the life of Jesus! Kenneth Anger denounces the erotic fascination for motorcycles, violence, power, sadomasochism and the 'icons' of American culture."

(50th Locarno international film festival, 1997)



1963avant-gardeavant-garde cinema • biker film • biker gang • Bruce Byron • churchcounterculturecut-up techniquefilmJesus ChristKenneth Angermotorcyclemotorcycle gangpioneeringpowerqueer cinemare-purposesadomasochism • Scorpio Rising • sexual fetishtransgressionviolence

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