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21 APRIL 2013

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Simon Perkins
20 JANUARY 2011

Computer Arts: 20 tips for getting your dream design job

"You know the studio, you've followed its work, and now you're ready to get your portfolio through the door. Industry leaders give advice on how to get your mug on that desk

It's a simple fact that there are more designers than there are jobs in design. Every year, a new wave of hopefuls emerges from colleges around the country to ensure the situation will only become more difficult. There's some good news, though. Anecdotal evidence from the desks of creative directors around the world suggests that only 20 per cent of the applications they see are worth considering.

This is bad news for employers, as they have a lot of sifting to do, but for any designer worth his or her salt it considerably narrows the field. You are, in effect, only competing with the rest of that 20 per cent. The trick is to ensure you don't get lost in the creative tsunami caused by the other 80–and that's what the wisdom collected here is intended to ensure. Creative directors, specialist recruitment agencies, advertising giants–the people you're trying to reach–explain how to go about reaching them."

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Simon Perkins

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