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13 DECEMBER 2013

No Reverb Added: An Acoustical Experiment in Drumming



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Simon Perkins
15 JANUARY 2011

Foli: there is no movement without rhythm

"dedicated to the people of Baro.

Life has a rhythm, it's constantly moving. The word for rhythm (used by the Malinke tribes) is Foli. It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing or sound. It's found in every part of daily life. In this film you not only hear and feel rhythm but you see it. It's an extraordinary blend of image and sound that feeds the senses and reminds us all –how essential it is.

By the brothers Thomas Roebers en Floris Leeuwenberg. Film crew during one month in Baro, Guinee Afrika. Beutifull sound recording and sound design Bjorn Warning. Translator and Rhythm specialist Thomas Bonenkamp. With special thanks to the chief: DJEMBEFOLA |: Mansa Camio"

(Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg, 2010)

[An 11–minute documentary that uses rhythm: both musical and spoken, as its central linking device.]



2010Africa • Baro • beatcompositioncultural identitycultural practicecultural studiesculture • customary practices • customsdaily lifedancediegeticdiegetic sounddocumentarydrummingediting • Floris Leeuwenberg • Foli • Guinea-Conakry • Malinke • musicpattern • Republic of Guinea • rhythm • rhythmic daily life • sequence designsoundspectacle • Thomas Roebers • traditiontraditional practicestribevillage


Simon Perkins
25 MARCH 2005

Free Radicals: implied space through rhythmical scratches

"In Free Radicals Len Lye put aside his interest in colour and concentrated on a stark, black and white use of the 'direct' method, by scratching on black leader. He has described the film as 'white ziggle–zag–splutter scratches ... in quite doodling fashion.' The film's title is a reference to modern physics –– 'free radicals' are particles of energy –– but the visual style is still reminiscent of tribal art."

(re:voir vidéo distribution)



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