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22 OCTOBER 2013

CSS Fonts Module Level 3: the @font-face rule

"The @font–face rule allows for linking to fonts that are automatically fetched and activated when needed. This allows authors to select a font that closely matches the design goals for a given page rather than limiting the font choice to a set of fonts available on a given platform. A set of font descriptors define the location of a font resource, either locally or externally, along with the style characteristics of an individual face. Multiple @font–face rules can be used to construct font families with a variety of faces. Using CSS font matching rules, a user agent can selectively download only those faces that are needed for a given piece of text."

(World Wide Web Consortium, 3 October 2013)



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Simon Perkins
28 DECEMBER 2010

Typekit: using real fonts on the web

"Built around web standards, our service gives designers and developers a subscription–based library of hosted, high–quality fonts to use on their websites."

(Typekit, Inc.)

[Note that this is a paid subscription service.]



Simon Perkins

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