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31 OCTOBER 2013

Thai Health Promotion Foundation: Smoking Kid campaign

"The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (THPF) used child actors to get adult smokers to think seriously about taking their own advice on the effects of smoking. In the Thai cultural context, adults naturally take action to educate children whenever they misbehave. However, when adults themselves repeat the children's action, they overlook that misbehavior. Children carrying cigarettes approached adults in smoking areas outside busy buildings, asking for a light. Adults commonly refused and warned the children not to smoke. The children asked the adults why they themselves were smoking and gave them a 'quit smoking' brochure. The campaign won a Bronze Outdoor Lion at Cannes in 2012, Gold Special Event and Silver Online awards at the 2013 Clio AWards, Gold for Special Service at the One Show Awards, a Silver Film Lotus at the 2013 Adfest Awards."

(Duncan Macleod, 4 June 2013, The Inspiration Room)



2012 • Adfest Awards • advertising campaignaltruismappealbrochureCannes Film Festivalchanging our relation • child actor • childrencigarettes • Clio Awards • co-suffering • cognitive dissonancecompassion • concern for others • desire to help • distanced viewpoint • duty of care • emotive manipulationempathetic consciousnessharmhealthheld in abeyanceInspiration Room • kid • pathospersuasively suggestivepsychical distancepublic health campaign • quit smoking • self-harm • smoking area • smoking cigarettes • Smoking Kid (campaign) • Thai Health Promotion Foundation • Thailand • The One Club • THPF


Simon Perkins
20 DECEMBER 2010

Deliver Me To Hell: Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure

"Hell Pizza in New Zealand entered the twilight zone with the Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure, launched on YouTube on July 30, 2010. 'Deliver Me To Hell' is set in a world in which Christchurch has been over run by bloodthirsty flesh–seeking zombies. Steve (Dj Iwikau) at Hell Pizza must get a $15 smoky barbecue sauce Lust pizza order over to a stranded woman on a container in Avonhead. Along the way he must navigate zombies, work out whether to take a passenger (Ben Edwards), navigate shortcuts and get to the girl (Emily Trenberth)."

(Duncan Macleod, The Inspiration Room)



2010adadvertadvertisingAotearoa New Zealand • Ben Edwards • branching narrativechoose your own adventureChristchurchcommercial • Deliver Me To Hell • Dj Iwikau • Emily Trenberth • film • Hell Pizza • Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure • humourInspiration Roominteractiveinteractive adventureinteractive advertisinginteractive narrativeinteractive storyinteractive YouTube video • Little Sister Films • Logan McMillan • moviepizzashort filmTVC • twilight zone • video agency • video productionviralYouTubezombie


Simon Perkins

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