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01 JANUARY 2004

Buffalo 66: interior thoughts as simultaneous moments within single frames

Vincent Gallo's debut feature film Buffalo 66 (1998) fractures sequences of the film, presenting them as complex, multifaceted events. There is a sense that each of these sequences could be re–visited from a different angle causing a different reading. This approach breaks markedly with conventional Hollywood filmmaking language.



1998auteurblack humour • Buffalo 66 (film) • Christina Ricci • cinematic languagedark comedyemotional misfitfilmfracture • interior thoughts • juxtapositionmisfitmultifacetedpicture-in-picturepsychological framingsequencesimultaneitysplit-screen • Vincent Gallo
30 DECEMBER 2003

Francis Bacon: Fractured Time

"The two figures, with the look of businessmen in the waiting room of a station, occupy a closed, domestic space. The surprising verisimilitude of the chairs derives from Bacon's early experience as an interior designer."

Fig.1 Two Seated Figures, 1979

[Many of Francis Bacon's paintings seek to represent time through temporal juxtaposition.]


14 NOVEMBER 2003

Robert Delaunay: Le Manege De Cochons (Carousel With Pigs)

This painting compresses pictorial and movement (space and time) information into a single frame.



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