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10 APRIL 2012

VADS Fine Art Project Digital Capture Pilot Study: Case Study for the pragmatic direct digital capture of artworks from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design

"The VADS Fine Art Project aims to bring together, through a distributed digitisation model, artworks from across Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) that can serve to exemplify the history and achievement of fine art education and practice in this country since its inception in the 1850s.

In the initial stages of the project, a survey was sent out to all the Higher Education Institutions in the UK that taught fine art, in order to elicit whether or not student and staff work had been kept or documented. From this survey it was found that many colleges failed or had ceased to collect artworks due to the cost implications of purchasing, storing and insuring the works, leading to the output of many art colleges remaining undocumented.

As the Fine Art Project progressed, protocols for the digital capture, documentation and copyright clearance of work were established. These were then used to collect works from around the country to be included in the National Fine Art Education Digital Collection. However, given their inherent useable and easily applicable nature, it was thought the same protocols could be just as useful to digitally capture, document and rights–clear works within HEIs as and when they were being produced. This would make it far easier and affordable for colleges to capture and maintain collections of their present and past work, as well as offering additional benefits such as making them widely available on the Internet or for other publishing requirements."

(Ed Bremner, 1 September 2003 [last modified: 28th March 2006], Institute for Learning and Research Technology)



1850s2003AHDS Visual Artsartworkartworks • capture and maintain collections • case study • collect works • collecting artworks • collectioncopyright clearance • cost implications • digital capture • digitally capture • digitisation • direct digital capture • distributed digitisation model • documentation • documented • fine art • fine art education • fine art practice • Fine Art Project • HEI • Higher Education Institutes • higher education institutions • history and achievement • image management system • insuring artworks • Internetknowledge management • National Fine Art Education Digital Collection • pilot project • pilot study • present and past work • protocol • publishing requirements • purchasing artworks • raw filerepository • SIAD • storing artworks • student and staff work • Surrey Institute of Art and Design • surveyUKVADS • VADS Fine Art Project • VADS Fine Art Project Digital Capture Pilot Study


Simon Perkins
13 FEBRUARY 2012

UKIERI: UK-India Education and Research Initiative

"The UK India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) started in April 2006 with the aim of enhancing educational links between India and the UK. In the last five years, UKIERI has played a pivotal role in establishing a step change in the educational relations between the two countries. In recognition of the substantial achievements and building on the success of this initiative, the programme has been extended for 5 years from 2011 to 2016. The extension was announced by the UK Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in July 2010.

Both governments have confirmed funding for UKIERI and the programme aims to now deliver systemic change by reaching out to larger numbers. It will also provide opportunities for professional and leadership development of schools, higher education institutions and vocational institutions, support partnerships and develop student mobility and skills development programmes."

(British Council)



20062016BISBritish CouncilDavid CameronDepartment for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) • Dr. Manmohan Singh • education links • educational links • educational relations • FCO • fundinghigher education institutionsIndiainitiativeinternationalisation • MHROD • Ministry of Human Resource Development • partnershipsschools • systemic change • UK • UK India Education and Research Initiative • UK-India Education and Research Initiative • UKIERI • vocational institutions


Simon Perkins
22 JUNE 2011

Vitae: championing the personal, professional and career development of UK doctoral researchers and research staff

"Vitae is the UK organisation championing the personal, professional and career development of doctoral researchers and research staff in higher education institutions and research institutes.

We play a major role in the drive for high–level skills and innovation and in the UK's goal to produce world class researchers. Our vision is for the UK to be world–class in supporting the personal, professional and career development of researchers."

(Careers Research and Advisory Centre Limited, UK)


Simon Perkins
05 DECEMBER 2010

A Review of Higher Education Challenges and Data Infrastructure Responses

"Higher education institutions are large, complex, adaptive social systems like all other human organizations. Over the last decade, Higher Education around the world is facing a number of challenges and potential threats to effective learning and teaching support. In recent years considerable interest has focused on identifying those challenges, identifying opportunities and threats and proposing ways to address them. However, the relevant literature on higher education challenges is scattered over many textbooks, conferences and journals. This paper provides a comprehensive presentation of all those challenges found in the literature in a structured way. Also this study will identify how technology and data infrastructures could provide responses to address those challenges in a world where students are changing, their learning styles are changing, and the technologies to accommodate their needs are changing."

(Farhana Sarker, Hugh Davis and Thanassis Tiropanis, 2010)

1). Sarker, F., H. Davis, et al. 'A Review of Higher Education Challenges and Data Infrastructure Responses'. International Conference for Education Research and Innovation (ICERI2010). Madrid, Spain, International Conference for Education Research and Innovation (ICERI).


2010 • accreditation • adaptive social systems • adopting emerging technology • argumentationassessmentchallengeschangechanging needs • contribution to economy • critical thinking • curriculum alignment • curriculum designdata infrastructure • Farhana Sarker • funding • governance and management of higher education • group knowledge • HEhigher education • higher education challenges • higher education infrastructure • higher education institutions • Hugh Davis • human organisations • knowledge constructionlearning and teaching supportlearning stylespedagogy • personal knowledge • plagiarism • quality of learning and teaching • quality of research • student employability • student retention • technology • tenure • Thanassis Tiropanis • transformationwidening participation


Simon Perkins

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