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07 OCTOBER 2013

Data Journalism Handbook 1.0

"This website is dedicated to providing anyone interested in getting started with data driven journalism with a collection of learning resources, including relevant events, tools, tutorials, interviews and case studies. The data journalism community and mailing list are dedicated to strengthening the community of journalists, designers, data providers and others, and encouraging collaboration and exchange of expertise."

(European Journalism Centre)



2013analysing dataanalysis data • analysis model • analysis of quantitative informationdatadata analysisdata collection and analysis • data driven journalism • data gathering instrumentsdata infrastructuredata into informationdata journalism • Data Journalism Handbook • data miningdata-drivendigital humanitiesdigital journalism • Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science • European Journalism Centre (EJC) • handbookhistorical datajournalismOpen Knowledge Foundationquantitative dataquantitative informationstatisticstrend analysis


Simon Perkins
05 DECEMBER 2010

A Review of Higher Education Challenges and Data Infrastructure Responses

"Higher education institutions are large, complex, adaptive social systems like all other human organizations. Over the last decade, Higher Education around the world is facing a number of challenges and potential threats to effective learning and teaching support. In recent years considerable interest has focused on identifying those challenges, identifying opportunities and threats and proposing ways to address them. However, the relevant literature on higher education challenges is scattered over many textbooks, conferences and journals. This paper provides a comprehensive presentation of all those challenges found in the literature in a structured way. Also this study will identify how technology and data infrastructures could provide responses to address those challenges in a world where students are changing, their learning styles are changing, and the technologies to accommodate their needs are changing."

(Farhana Sarker, Hugh Davis and Thanassis Tiropanis, 2010)

1). Sarker, F., H. Davis, et al. 'A Review of Higher Education Challenges and Data Infrastructure Responses'. International Conference for Education Research and Innovation (ICERI2010). Madrid, Spain, International Conference for Education Research and Innovation (ICERI).


2010 • accreditation • adaptive social systems • adopting emerging technology • argumentationassessmentchallengeschangechanging needs • contribution to economy • critical thinking • curriculum alignment • curriculum designdata infrastructure • Farhana Sarker • funding • governance and management of higher education • group knowledge • HEhigher education • higher education challenges • higher education infrastructure • higher education institutions • Hugh Davis • human organisations • knowledge constructionlearning and teaching supportlearning stylespedagogy • personal knowledge • plagiarism • quality of learning and teaching • quality of research • student employability • student retention • technology • tenure • Thanassis Tiropanis • transformation • widening participation


Simon Perkins

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