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09 JANUARY 2013

The Computational Turn: Thinking About The Digital Humanities

"first–wave digital humanities involved the building of infrastructure in the studying of humanities texts through digital repositories, text markup, etc., whereas second–wave digital humanities expands the notional limits of the archive to include digital works, and so bring to bear the humanities' own methodological toolkits to look at 'born–digital' materials, such as electronic literature (e–lit), interactive fiction (IF), web–based artefacts, and so forth."

(David M. Berry, 2011)

Berry, D. M. (2011). "The Computational Turn: Thinking About The Digital Humanities." Culture Machine 12.


archivearchivesborn-digital • born-digital materials • building infrastructure • database as cultural form • David Berry • digital archivedigital heritagedigital humanitiesdigital repositories • digital works • e-lit • electronic literature • first-wave digital humanities • humanitiesIFinteractive fictionmark-up • methodological toolkits • notional limits of the archive • second-wave digital humanities • structured repository • studying humanities texts • text markup • webweb archiveweb technologies • web-based artefacts


Simon Perkins
21 NOVEMBER 2010

Choice of Romance: I don't know! There's nothing I can do...

"Choice of Games is a small partnership dedicated to producing high–quality, text–based, multiple–choice games. We produce games in house, including Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides."

(Heather Albano, Adam Strong–Morse)



Adam Strong-Morse • adventureauthorshipbranching narrative • Choice of Broadsides • Choice of Romance • Choice of the Dragon • Choice of the Vampire • ChoiceScript • choose your own adventure • collaborative fiction • Dan Fabulich • fictiongameGoogle Android • Heather Albano • hypertext fictionIFinteractive fictioninteractive narrativeinteractive storyiPhone • multiple-choice • participationtext adventurestext-basedtext-only


Simon Perkins
18 FEBRUARY 2004

MUD: Multi-User Dungeon

"MUD /muhd/ /n./ [acronym, Multi–User Dungeon; alt. Multi–User Dimension] 1. A class of virtual reality experiments accessible via the Internet. These are real–time chat forums with structure; they have multiple 'locations' like an adventure game, and may include combat, traps, puzzles, magic, a simple economic system, and the capability for characters to build more structure onto the database that represents the existing world. 2. /vi./ To play a MUD. The acronym MUD is often lowercased and/or verbed; thus, one may speak of `going mudding', etc."



authorshipchatIFinteractive fictionMOOMUD • multi-user dungeon • scriptibletext adventurestext-basedtext-onlyvirtual reality

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