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20 NOVEMBER 2003

The Virtual Guggenheim Museum: liquidity, flux, and mutability

"Objects, spaces, buildings, and institutions can now be constructed, navigated, comprehended, experienced, and manipulated across a global network. This is a new architecture of liquidity, flux, and mutability predicated on technological advances and fueled by a basic human desire to probe the unknown. The inevitable path for both these architectures, the real and the virtual, will be one of convergence and merging. Historically architecture has always struggled with this dialectic of the real and the virtual, where the stability and actuality of architecture is tempered by the poetic and the ineffable nature of meaning and experience."





1999algorithmic architectureAsymptotefluxglobal networkGuggenheim • Hani Rashid • liquidity • mobius stripmutabilityspeculative architecturevirtual • Virtual Guggenheim Museum
04 NOVEMBER 2003

Benjamin Fry: Valence

A dynamically generated information map based on translation of the Mark Twain novel "The Innocents Abroad".



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