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09 OCTOBER 2012

Royal College of Art Research Repository

"RCA Research Repository is designed to support the collection, archive and publication of the College's research practice, processes and outputs. ...

The repository is an open access academic resource, to which anyone at College has access, and to which all research staff are able to manage and publish their research, work–in–progress, bibliographic records and data to the World.

The repository platform is based on the open source EPrints standard digital repository and MEPrints extensions – developed by EPrints Services, University of Southampton, with visualisation extensions devised by KULTUR RCA has further adapted EPrints platform and interfaces for use by its own researchers and staff."

(RCA Research Repository)



academic resourceart and design researchbibliographic information • bibliographic records • creative practice researchdigital repository • EPrints • EPrints platform • EPrints Services • KULTUR RCA • MEPrints • open accessopen access digital repository • open access repository • RCA • RCA Research Repository • repository platform • research archiveresearch collectionresearch outputsresearch practiceresearch processresearch processesresearch publicationresearch repositoryresearch resourcesresearch staffresearcherRoyal College of ArtscholarshipthesisUniversity of Southamptonwork-in-progress


Simon Perkins
27 MARCH 2012

AHRC Impact Case Studies: demonstrating the value of research through the influence on the wider public discourse

"In recent years there has been mounting concern to understand the distribution, utility and influence of research findings in non–academic contexts. This concern originates in part from political imperatives to demonstrate public value, for research to move towards pragmatic considerations in wider public discourse, in cultural, industry and policy environments.

All UK Research Councils are expected to be able to demonstrate the wider impact and value of academic research. The important question that we must seek to address is: what is the contribution of arts and humanities research to society? Or, what is the impact or influence of arts and humanities research outside the academy?

The Arts and Humanities Research Council has commissioned a series of case studies to investigate the impact of arts and humanities research. Across the series as a whole, impact has been defined in its broadest sense to include economic, social and cultural elements. The case studies included in this publication focus on the social impact of two artist exhibitions, specifically concentrating on visitor responses and reactions.

Established in April 2005, the Arts and Humanities Research Council provides funding for a range of UK wide programmes, supporting the highest quality research and postgraduate training in the arts and humanities."

(Arts and Humanities Research Council UK)

2). Social Impact of Artist Exhibitions: Two Case Studies



2005academic researchacademyAHRC • artist exhibition • arts and humanities • arts and humanities research • case studiescontribution to societycultural impactdemonstrable value • economic impact • funded researchgovernment policyimpact case studiesimpact of researchimpact on societyimpact on the economy • influence • knowledge integration • non-academic contexts • perceived value • performativity • political imperatives • postgraduate trainingpragmatic considerationspublic value • publicly funded • REF • research council • research findingsresearch outputsresearch publication • research quality • significancesocial impact • taxpayers • UK • utility of research • value • visitor responses • wider impact • wider public discourse


Simon Perkins
12 APRIL 2011

UK Research Excellence Framework: a brief guide to the proposals

"The four UK higher education funding bodies issued a second consultation on proposals for the Research Excellence Framework (REF), including proposals to assess the impact of research on the economy and society, and for citation information to be used by some panels to inform their review of research outputs."

(HEFCE, 2009, UK)

1). The Research Excellence Framework: A brief guide to the proposals' (Adobe PDF 124K).


2009citationconsultationHEHEFCE • higher education funding bodies • impact of researchimpact on societyimpact on the economyREFresearchResearch Excellence Frameworkresearch outputsUK


Simon Perkins
14 NOVEMBER 2010

Promoting an inclusive academic community

"We now examine how emerging models of meaningful student engagement with institutions can start to re–create the notion of an inclusive academic community where learners, teachers and researchers are all seen as scholars and collaborators in the common pursuit of knowledge. Using student engagement with CETLs as a brief case study, we consider firstly how we can engage students, who may have little awareness of research, with the idea. Secondly, we describe initiatives aiming at meaningful student engagement in curriculum review, including incorporation of undergraduate research. Finally, we examine the experience of students who wish to publish their research outputs, using Reinvention: a Journal of Undergraduate Research as a case study."

(Paul Taylor and Danny Wilding, 2009)

Dr Paul Taylor and Danny Wilding, T'he Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research', University of Warwick, November 2009


2009academic communitycase studyCentres for Excellence in Teaching and LearningCETL • curriculum review • engagementhigher education • Journal of Undergraduate Research • learnerspursuit of knowledgeQAA • Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education • raising awareness of research • Reinvention Centre • researchresearch outputs • research publishing • researcher • scholars • scholarshipstakeholdersstudent engagementteachersUKundergraduateundergraduate researchUniversity of Warwick


Simon Perkins

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