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18 JUNE 2012

6th Annual International Conference on Computer Games Multimedia & Allied Technologies

"Annual International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology raises a platform for the Asian Gaming Community to realize, recognize, and reveal the technological interplay at work behind the immersive and compelling world of gaming. The conference mantles the experience, expertise, and technological know–how flowing in from academicians, researchers, and industry professionals and provides an apt platform for view and review.

The Conference Themes on Animation,Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment, Mobile, Virtual Reality nunciating [sic] the evident convergence of technology while focusing on the differing facets of the gaming industry. The world of gaming is a result of numerous technologies, game tools and systems, the conference strives to discuss the technological advances, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications while exploring the key concerns and issues related to Game security and Game regulations."

(Global Science & Technology Forum, Singapore)


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Simon Perkins
10 DECEMBER 2011

Women in technology: Limor Fried

"Limor Fried was the sort of third–grader who took apart VCRs for fun. Gradually, she discovered that a hobby could become a degree –– a bachelor's and then a master's in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. Finally, she discovered it could become a business. During her student years, Fried would post photographs and detailed instructions of her latest experiments in hardware hacking. First, she built an audience, and then a company, Adafruit Industries. ...

Fried's approach is sometimes called 'open–source hardware' –– similar to open–source software, but instead of the source code being open and malleable, the source materials are. Is there something anti–corporate in the way that she likes to encourage the hacking of consumer products?

'Absolutely not, I'm totally a staunch capitalist,' she says. She just thinks hardware hacking is good business. Adafruit has become something of a business incubator itself, inspiring others to start similar businesses."

(David Zax, Fast Company)



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Simon Perkins
15 MAY 2011

The Horizon Digital Economy Research research centre

"Horizon will undertake a series of complementary experience projects to envision, create, deploy and study radical new services. Each experience project will involve a multidisciplinary team of technologists, human–scientists, domain experts and innovation facilitators working with users to explore technology, human and business issues in the real world.

The experience projects will include: Creative Visiting; The Connected Journey; Exposing the Footprint

The experience projects will bring into focus the fundamental principles of the underlying technologies, methods and theoretical understandings required to elaborate future services and develop sustainable systems for a digital economy.

Horizon will undertake research in the cross–cutting challenges underlying the digital economy–these will include: The Innovation Challenge; The Human Challenge; The Infrastructural Challenge."

(Horizon Research Institute)

Fig.1 Ben Bedwell VIPR2009 []

[The Horizon Digital Economy Research is based at the University of Nottingham, UK]



applied research • business issues • connected journey • creative visiting • devicedigital economydiscoverydomain expertseconomic changeengineeringenvisioningexperience project • exposing the footprint • fundamental principles • future services • Horizon Digital Economy Research • human challenges • human issues • human-scientists • infrastructural challenge • innovation • innovation challenge • innovation facilitators • interdisciplinarymultidisciplinarypervasive computing • radical new services • real worldresearch centresolution • sustainable systems • technologiestechnologists • technology issues • ubiquitous computingUKUniversity of Nottingham


Simon Perkins
09 NOVEMBER 2010

Philips Research Open Labs: innovative solutions for complex problems

"Philips has been a best practice leader in Open Innovation for many years (Source: article of Henry W. Chesbrough in Harvard Business Review). Many companies have found their way to Philips Research to cooperate with worldclass researchers and to jointly work on innovative solutions for complex problems. Many of today succesfully operating companies have been spun out. Open Innovation is a key driver in the Research organization. We have created a dedicated program to facilitate this openess: Philips Research Open Labs."

(Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.)



applied researchconceptualisationcustomersdevicediscoveryinnovation • innovative solutions for complex problems • insightknowledge-based economyopen innovationPhilipsPhilips Researchproduct designR&Dresearch centre • research organisation • spun out • technologiestechnology


Simon Perkins

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