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21 JULY 2012

The European Academy of Design

"The European Academy of Design was formed to promote the publication and dissemination of research in design through conferences hosted by different educational institutions in Europe and the publication of proceedings, newsletters and a journal.

It was also formed to improve European wide research collaboration and dissemination."

(European Academy of Design)



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Simon Perkins
09 NOVEMBER 2010

How Open Innovation can help you cope in lean times

"In a challenging business climate, focus is crucial. But companies face a real dilemma: how to maintain that focus and manage costs tightly while keeping growth options alive for the future. Deferring or canceling less promising initiatives that might have been pursued in good times allows a business to survive and eventually thrive again. Many companies give attention and resources only to the projects that are most likely to generate near–term profits, and they end up deciding quickly which initiatives fit best with the company's core business. It's a smart short–term strategy.

The downside of rigorous prioritization, however, is that it halts many potentially promising projects at an early point in their development and leaves them stranded inside the company. Over time, so many projects get abandoned that the company's ability to grow beyond its core business is threatened. If focus is maintained for too long or with too much rigidity, it can become the enemy of growth. When the market recovers, the company lacks a foundation from which to rebound."

(Henry W. Chesbrough & Andrew R. Garman, December 2009, Harvard Business School Publishing)



2009applied research • business climate • core business • economic developmenteconomic downturneconomic growthenterpriseHarvard Business Schoolinitiativesinnovationopen innovationprojectsR&Dresearch collaborationresources • rigorous prioritisation


Simon Perkins

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