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10 MARCH 2013

CityViewAR: remembering Christchurch before 4 September 2010

"CityViewAR is a mobile Augmented Reality application that allows people to see how the city was before the earthquakes and building demolitions. Using an Android mobile phone people can walk around the city and see life–sized virtual models of what the buildings looked like on site before they were demolished, and see pictures and written information. Hundreds of 3D models of key city buildings have been made available from architect Jason Mill of ZNO, while the Christchurch City Council and Historic Places Trust have provided photographs and building histories.

CityViewAR is based on the HIT Lab NZ Android AR platform which uses the GPS and compass sensors of mobile phones to enable virtual information to be overlaid on live video of the real world. Android AR makes it easy for Android developers to build their own outdoor AR applications. The software was previously used for showing individual buildings, but this is the first time that it has been used to show dozens of buildings at once, and the first time in world that mobile phone AR has been used for earthquake reconstruction."

(HIT Lab NZ, 2011)



Simon Perkins
05 NOVEMBER 2010

Interactive Toys: enabling toys to form relationships with users

"Interactive toys have real time conversations with users, preferably employing speech recognition. ... Content is provided to users for their toys which enables toys to form relationships with users. Interactive Toys further utilize user knowledge bases to match entertainment, education and sales promotion content to user histories, behaviors and habits. Content is thus personalized to an individual user as well as to a user's environment including the user's location and the time at which the toy is used. Integration of content, such as entertainment, education and sales promotion is provided by merging Interactive Television techniques with Interactive Toys."

(10 August 2004)

Gabai, O., J. Gabai, et al. (2004). Methods and apparatus for integration of interactive toys with interactive television and cellular communication systems. United States, Creator Ltd. (Shmuel, IL).



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Simon Perkins

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