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25 FEBRUARY 2012

EF International Language Centers: selling the tourist experience of studying abroad

"EF International Language Centers have released three new films in its 'Live the language' travel promotion film series. Once again it's Stockholm based Camp David Film and a team led by director Gustav Johansson that are behind the creative work."

(EF International Language Centers)

Series: Directed by Gustav Johansson (, D.O.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf (, Typography: Albin Holmqvist (, Music: Magnus Lidehäll (, VFX: Goodmotion (, Produced at Camp David (, Producer: Lolo Uggla.



19652011adBarcelonaBeijing • Camp David Film • cinematographycity • cultural exchange • digital cinematography • educational travel abroad • EF • EF International Language Centers • enhanced colour graphics • flaneur • Gustav Johansson • international education • internationalisationlanguage • language schools • live the language • LondonLos Angelesmotion graphics • Nice (city) • online advertisingParisStockholmstudy abroadtraveltravel promotiontraveloguetypographyVancouvervisual designvisual spectacle


Simon Perkins
07 JANUARY 2012

The Revival of Psychogeography

"Psychogeography is hot. Guy Debord, founding member of Situationist International and the man who coined the term in 1955, defined the phenomenon as 'the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals'. In fact, psychogeography is the art of strolling, or just about anything that gets pedestrians off their predictable paths and leads them to a new awareness of the urban landscape. Recently we've seen a remarkable psychogeographic revival driven by several artistic urban projects and smartphone applications."

(Jeroen Beekmans, 4 January 2012, The Pop–Up City)



1955 • Adam Greenfield • Android appsappsart • art of strolling • artistic urban project • augmented reality • augmented sound • awarenesscitydaily routinederivedrift • Emilie Giles • encountersenvironmentescapeexploration • exploring the city • flaneur • forgotten places • geographical environment • Guy Debord • Inception app • Ingrid Burrington • interactive encounters • iPhoneiPhone app • iPhone apps • iPod Touch • Loneliness Map • lonely individuals • Lost London • mapmapping • missed connections • new technologiesperception of realityperformativityphenomena • Pratt Manhattan Gallery • predictable cities • psychogeographic experiences • psychogeographic explorations • psychogeographypublic spacerealityroute • Serendipitor • serendipitySituationist International • smartphone applications • smartphone apps • strollersurprisetechnology • unpredictable paths • urban landscapeurban mappingurban planningyou are here


Simon Perkins

Nina Wenhart's blog on the prehysteries of new media

"this blog is nina wenhart's collection of resources on the various histories of new media art. it consists mainly of non or very little edited material i found flaneuring on the net, sometimes with my own annotations and comments, sometimes it's also textparts i retyped from books that are out of print.

it is also meant to be an additional resource of information and recommended reading for my students of the prehystories of new media class that i teach at the school of the art institute of chicago in fall 2008.

the focus is on the time period from the beginning of the 20th century up to today."

(Nina Wenhart, 26/06/2008)



20th centuryAlan Turingapplied researchARarchiveArs Electronicaart • art + science • art + technologyart of codeartificial intelligenceartificial life • artistic molecules • artistic practice • artistic software • artistsASCIIASCII-Artatom • atomium • audiofiles • augmented realityavant-gardebody • Cave Automated Virtual Environment (CAVE) • code art • cold warcollection • collection of resources • computercomputer animationcomputer graphicscomputer history • computer programming language • computer research • computer sculptureconcept artconceptual artconceptualisationconcrete poetry • copy-it-right • creative practicecritical theorycross-disciplinaryculture industrycuratingcurationcut-up techniquecybernetic artCybernetic Serendipitycyberneticscyberpunkcyberspacecyborgdata miningdata visualisationdesign research • dream machine • E.A.T. • early new media • Edward Ihnatowiczengineers • Eugen Roth • exhibitionsexpanded cinemaexperimental musicexperimentation • female artists and digital media • flaneur • flaneuring on the net • Fluxusfoundgenerative artgenetic artglitch • Gordon Pask • GPSgraffiti • Grey Walter • GUI • hackers and painters • hackinghacktivismHCIHerbert FrankehistorieshistoryhypermediahypertextIannis Xenakisimagineeringinformation theoryinsightinstructionsinteractive artinterdisciplinaryInternet • Ivan Picelj • Jack Burnham • Julije Knifer • Ken Rinaldo • kinetic sculpture • Lidija Merenik • live visualsmagic • Manchester Mark 1 • manifestomappingmediamedia archaeologymedia art • media art histories • minimalism • mother of all demos • mousemusical scorenetartnew medianew media art • new media exhibition • new media festival • Nina Wenhart • open sourceopen space • out of print • particle systems • Paul Graham • performance • phonesthesia • playlistpoetrypoliticspractice-led • prehysteries of new media • prehystories of new mediaProcessing (software)programmingprogramming languageprojectspsychogeographyradio artrare • re:place • real-timeresearch artefactresources • retyped • ridiculous • rotten + forgotten • SAIC • sandin image processor • School of the Art Institute of Chicagoscientific visualisation • screen-based • SIGGRAPHSituationistsslide projectorslit-scansoftwaresoftware studiesspeculative designspeculative research • Stewart Brand • surveillancetactical mediataggingtechniquetechnologytelecommunicationtelematic arttelematic experiencetext • textparts • Theo Jansentheoretical contexttheory buildingtimeline • Turing Test • ubiquitous computingunabomberundergraduate researchvideo artvideo synthesizervirtual realityvisual musicvisual research • Vladimir Bonacic • VRWalter Benjaminwearable computing • Williams Tube • world fair • world machine • Xerox PARCZKM • [Nove] tendencije


Simon Perkins
20 JANUARY 2004

Constellation Model of Relations

Walter Benjamin dispels teleological historicism in place of a constellation model of relations. For him the arrangement of the arcade is symbolic of general urban design. All aspects, despite their apparent significance have bearing on all other aspects. Classical Marxist economic and cultural causation is replaced with degrees of interrelation, experienced by a Flaneur (or stroller) as they traverse a given environment.

Benjamin, Walter. 2002 das passagen–werk [the arcades project], , US: harvard university press. 0674008022


arcadem • constellation • constellation modelconstellationsconstellations metaphordegrees of interrelationflaneur • Marx • strollerWalter Benjamin
01 DECEMBER 2003

Walter Benjamin: Das Passagen-werk / The Arcades Project

"The Arcades Project is Walter Benjamin's effort to represent and to critique the bourgeois experience of nineteenth–century history and, in so doing, to liberate the suppressed 'true history' that underlay the ideological mask. Conceived in Paris in 1927 and still in progress when Benjamin fled the Occupation in 1940, The Arcades Project was constructed over the course of thirteen years–––'the theatre,' as Benjamin called it, 'of all my struggles and all my ideas.' According to Benjamin, an arcade is a city in miniature catering to consumer needs. It is an abstraction that condenses a heterogeneous environment of shopping opportunities and goods into a unified experience."

(Howard Eiland & Howard Eiland)



constellation modelconstellationsconstellations metaphorflaneur • Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert • heterogeneous environment • passages couvertsstrollerThe Arcades ProjectWalter Benjamin

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