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18 JANUARY 2013

Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

"Named after the pioneering critic of the commercialization of mass media, the late Professor Rose Goldsen of Cornell University, the Archive was founded in 2002 by Timothy Murray to house international art work produced on CD–Rom, DVD–Rom, video, digital interfaces, and the internet. Its collection of supporting materials includes unpublished manuscripts and designs, catalogues, monographs, and resource guides to new media art.

Emphasizing multimedia artworks that reflect digital extensions of twentieth–century developments in cinema, video, installation, photography, and sound, holdings include extensive special collections in American and Chinese new media arts, significant online and offline holdings in internet art, and the majority of works in the international exhibition, Contact Zones: The Art of CD–Rom. A novel research archive of international significance, the collection complements the holdings in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections of illuminated manuscripts and the early modern printed book, and adds to the breadth of its important collections in human sexuality, Asian Studies, and Media, Film, and Music."

(Cornell University Library)


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Simon Perkins
08 NOVEMBER 2008

TakePart Blog Network: Top Ten Feminist Blogs

"Written by women for women, these top 10 blogs focus on issues, news, and gossip geared toward educating, entertaining and empowering girls. While I'm sure there are plenty of men who enjoy the writings of these well–spoken gals, these blogs are predominately speaking to their sisters.

1. Feministing believes that young women are rarely given the opportunity to speak on their own behalf on issues that affect their lives and futures.Feministing provides a platform for us to comment, analyze and influence.

2. Feministe is one of the oldest feminist blogs designed by and run by women from the ground up.

3. Our Bodies Our Blog is your your daily dose of women's health news and analysis.

4. Jezebel is a blog for women that will attempt to take all the essentially meaningless but sweet stuff directed our way and give it a little more meaning, while taking more the serious stuff and making it more fun, or more personal, or at the very least the subject of our highly sophisticated brand of sex joke.

5. Broadsheet is the blog section of that focuses on women and issues in news, politics, advertising and health that specfically affect females as well as celebrity gossip, fashion news and humour.

6. Finally Feminism 101 is an information resource, for both feminists and those questioning feminism, concentrating on typically disruptive questions/assertions which frequently arise in online feminist discussions. It is a place to discuss basic feminist theory and serve as a sort of anthology of top feminist blogging on introductory feminist issues.

7. Women in Media & News Blog WIMN's Voices, the women's media monitoring group blog, features a diverse online community of fifty women blogging on media coverage of women and a range of social, cultural and political issues every day.

8. Holla Back NYC empowers New Yorkers to Holla Back at street harassers by inviting readers to send in photo of perpetrators. Whether you're commuting, lunching, partying, dancing, walking, chilling, drinking, or sunning,Holla Back NYC promotes the notion that you have the right to feel safe, confident, and sexy, without being the object of some turd's fantasy.

9. MediaGirl is an online community blog by and for women (and men, too) to discuss, rant, blog, analyze, and/or laugh about media, politics and culture, all within the general context of progressive politics and feminism.

10. Bitch Magazine's blog is the online sidekick to Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, a print magazine devoted to feminist analysis and media criticism. Bitch features critiques of TV, movies, magazines, advertising, and other elements of pop culture as well as interviews with feminist pop culture makers, review new books and music, and lots more."

(Giulia Rozzi)

[USA–centric recommendation of useful feminist weblogs.]


American • Bitch Magazine • blog • Broadsheet • educationethicsfemalefeminism • Feministe • Feministing • Finally Feminism 101 • gender • Holla Back NYC • Jezebel • MediaGirl • Our Bodies Our Blog • TakePart Blog Network • wimn • womenwomen in culture • Women in Media News Blog • women in media and news


Simon Perkins
03 FEBRUARY 2006

Claustrophobic spaces of German modernity and agoraphobic spaces of American post-war film genres

"Running throughout our essay as its leitmotif is the opposition between the claustrophobic spaces of German modernity (epitomized in Expressionist cinema and in the noir films directed by Germans in Hollywood) and the agoraphobic fear of wide open spaces, exemplified by post–war American space (suburbia and the urban "superblock") and by the post–war film genres of the western and the road movie. Lacking a frontier myth, Germans fantasized about an expansive sense of space and dreaded a claustrophobic one. By contrast, the American cinema developed a morbid fear of open spaces devoid of human community and fantasized about the possibility of a tightly–knit urban community."

(Ed Dimendberg and Anton Kaes)



agoraphobia • American • Anton Kaes • claustrophobiaclaustrophobic spaces • Edward Dimendberg • expansive sense of space • expressionism • Expressionist cinema • filmfrontierfrontier mythgenreGermanGerman Expressionism • German modernity • Hollywood • human community • modernist architecturemodernityopen countrysideopen spacesperiurbanisationpost-war • post-war American space • post-war film genres • postwar • road movie • suburbia • superblock • tightly-knit urban community • urban • urban superblock • Westernwestern film genre • wide open spaces


Simon Perkins
08 OCTOBER 2003

Walzer: Democratic Polity Needs Openminded Spaces

Robert Fishman (Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning,)
One central theme of political philosophy in recent years has been the importance of public space for the vitality of democracy. A democratic polity needs what the philosopher Michael Walzer has called "openminded spaces," places where a wide variety of people can coexist, places where a wide variety of functions encourage unexpected activities, places whose multiple possibilities lead naturally to the communication that makes democracy possible. Americans used to show a remarkable talent in creating such places, but this talent has been lacking in first–ring suburbs, those developments built just after 1945. These places tend to be dominated by what Walzer has called "single–minded spaces," that is, spaces so rigorously defined for a single purpose that they exclude the liberating openness of genuine public space.


Americancoexistencedemocracy • openminded space • public space • Robert Fishman • single-minded • single-minded space • Walzer

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