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23 MAY 2012

The Exquisite Clock: dynamic selection of real-world objects

"Exquisite Clock is a clock made of numbers taken from everday life–seen, captured and uploaded by people from all over the world. The project connects time, play and visual aesthetics. It's about creativity, collaboration and exchange.

Exquisite Clock is based on the idea that time is everywhere and that people can share their vision of time. Through the website, users are invited to collect and upload images of numbers that can be found in different contexts around them–objects, surfaces, landscapes, cables... anything that has a resemblance to a number.

The exquisite clock has an online database of numbers–an exquisite database–at its core. This supplies the website and interconnected physical platforms. The online database works like a feeder that provides data to different instances of clocks in the form of the website, and installations, mobile applications, designed products and urban screens.

All uploaded numbers are tagged according to a category selected by their creator, and are added to the growing database. People viewing the clock can then choose to view all types of numbers, or can make a selection to view only numbers from a specific category–a clock made of vegetables, or clouds, or garments etc."

(Joao Wilbert)

Fig.1 Exquisite Clock was created and developed Joao Henrique Wilbert at Fabrica in 2009, creative direction by Andy Cameron.



2009algorithmalgorithmic randomnesschronological orderclock • clock face • collaborative design • data visualisationdata-drivendynamic selectioneveryday life • Exquisite Clock • exquisite corpsefound images • growing database • image collectionimage databaseimage setsinformation aestheticsinteractive visualisationprogressive design • random images • random order • random sequence • real-world objectsthemetimetime of daytimepiece


Kay Van Bellen
10 MAY 2010

Monoface: an interactive exquisite corpse toy

"mono is a Minneapolis–based company that believes in the power of simplicity, putting it to work to create innovative communications for clients that include Herman Miller, Apple, Blu Dot and the Harvard Business School."

(Mono, Minneapolis)



2007Adobe Flashadvertising agencyappearancedollexquisite corpsefaceidentityinteractiveinteractive toy • Minneapolis • mono • mono advertising agency • monoface • playportraittoy


Simon Perkins
16 AUGUST 2007

Physical interactive exquisite corpse toy

This educational toy is at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow (Scotland). It works as an interactive version of the familiar exquisite corpse game where various cylinders can be rotated to create multiple face combinations.



cylinder • exquisite cadaver • exquisite corpsefaceGlasgowinteractive toyKelvingroveKelvingrove Art Gallery and Museummuseum • rotating corpse • Scotland
10 OCTOBER 2006

The Remarkable Animals flip-book

The Remarkable Animals "flip book introduces the reader to ten animals. An interesting description of each animal is given in a three–part segment. These ten remarkable creatures can become up to one thousand bizarre beasts with astonishing new identities. With the flip of a page, the name, description, and illustration entirely change. A weevil can turn into a wunkfitor complete with an explanation of its characteristics. This book provides entertainment as well as factual information. The illustrations depict brilliantly each animal, and their bold, bright colors are eye–catching and appealing. Get ready to find out all about the Rhossullar."

(Annette Van Wagenen)

Tony Meeuwissen (2001). "Remarkable Animals", Frances Lincoln Children's Books.



anatomiesbook designbook formbook formatexquisite corpseflip bookillustrated bookinteractive booksinteractive toyorganism • Remarkable Animals • Tony Meeuwissen

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