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12 OCTOBER 2011

Man With a Movie Camera: Dziga Vertov's groundbreaking film

"Dziga Vertov's Man With A Movie Camera is considered one of the most innovative and influential films of the silent era. Startlingly modern, this film utilizes a groundbreaking style of rapid editing and incorporates innumerable other cinematic effects to create a work of amazing power and energy. Film pioneer Dziga Vertov uses all the cinematic techniques available at the time – dissolves, split screen, slow motion and freeze frames."

(Moving Image Archive)

Fig.1 Dziga Vertov (1929). 'Man With A Movie Camera', VUFKU (The Ukrainian Photo and Cinema Administration).




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Simon Perkins
03 NOVEMBER 2009

8 bit Girl: Video Chiptune

"Take 8–bit gadgets (old computers, handheld games, Nintendos, etc), record those blips and bleeps, and string 'em together to make sweet, sweet music –– and you've got the genre known as bitpop. Or chiptune. Or, simply enough, 8–bit. The bitpop world owes a debt to the original bleepers –– krautrockers Kraftwerk"

(Stereogum, 12 January 2007)

['8 bit Girl' by by 'Chaosqaal' on YouTube appears to reference the music genre of the chiptune.]



8 bit Girl • 8-bitbitpopchiptunecomposition • handheld games • jump cutKraftwerk • krautrocker • micromusicmusicmusic videoNintendopatternre-editremixrhythmsequence compositionsequence designsound designyoung girlYouTube


Simon Perkins

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