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15 JUNE 2014

Lost in Translation: The Problem with Email

"'If you think of culture as just kind of the sum total of the relationships that colleagues have with each other, the thing about email is, it does literally nothing to build those relationships and is more likely to actually damage whatever connective tissue there is in the first place,' says Bryant.

Maybe it's time to pick up the phone. Or better yet, try stopping by someone's office to have a quick chat. It's amazing how much more polite and understanding people are when they're not hiding behind a keyboard."

(Adam Bryant, The Big Think, Inc.)




Simon Perkins
18 JANUARY 2011

A methodological discussion of email interviewing

"This article summarizes findings from studies that employed electronic mail (e–mail) for conducting indepth interviewing. It discusses the benefits of, and the challenges associated with, using e–mail interviewing in qualitative research. The article concludes that while a mixed mode interviewing strategy should be considered when possible, e–mail interviewing can be in many cases a viable alternative to face–to–face and telephone interviewing. A list of recommendations for carrying out effective e–mail interviews is presented."

(Lokman I. Meho, 2006)

Meho, Lokman I. E–Mail Interviewing in Qualitative Research: A Methodological Discussion. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2006, vol. 57, n. 10, pp. 1284–1295.


2006data collectiondata gatheringdata gathering instrumentse-mail • e-mail interviewing • e-mail interviewselectronic mailemail interviewingemail interviewsface-to-face interviewinterview (research method)interviewing • Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology • Library and Information Science (LIS) • LIS • mixed mode interviewing • online asynchronous interviews • online synchronous interviews • qualitative research • qualitative research method • research methodsocial and cultural phenomena • telephone interview • telephone interviewing • unstructured interviews


Simon Perkins

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