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18 JULY 2010

Hundred Pacer: a contemporary origin myth of a native Taiwanese superhero

"This is my final project for motion graphic design, which is a Flash animation that depicts an 'origin myth' of the self–created hero, Hundred Pacer.

The name Hundred Pacer derived from a kind of very venomous snake that exists in mountain areas of Taiwan called Hundred Pacer snake, and the protagonist, Hundred Pacer, was an ordinary Paiwanese Indigenous girl until her and her father were killed by the mudslide, and the snake God chooses her to revive in passing down the power...

The story was inspired by the Typhoon Morakot happened in August 2009, which killed nearly 500 people and destroyed half of Taiwan at that time."

(Jonghsiang Kwan, 2010)



2010animationAustronesian culturescreative practicecultural identitydestructiondevastationdisasterdrawingecologyFirst NationsFlash animationhero • Hundred Pacer • identityIndigenous • Jonghsiang Kwan • MAMA project • native • natural disasterNTUorigin myth • Paiwan • Paiwanese • pilot projectresurrectionsnakesuperheroTaiwanTaiwaneseTaiwanese Aboriginestransformationtyphoon • Typhoon Morakot • visual design


Simon Perkins
26 MARCH 2005

Al-Jazari: Ludic Interactions

"an alternative notion of automation emphasizing the oft–neglected affective dimensions of interactions with machines. Many of al–Jazari's machines were preoccupied with providing visual and highly visceral experiences that were both playful and speculative. It is suggested that the ludic dimensions and, what I call, ‘automotive pleasures', of the machinic and automated experiences elicited by al–Jazari's machines have been historically displaced by the increasing constitution of machines as labour–substitutive, instrumental and culturally neutral contraptions."

(Gunalan Nadarajan)



African culture • Al-Jazari • Asian elephant • automation • automaton • automotive pleasures • ball • bucket • Chinese culture • clockcontraption • cuckoo clock • dragon • Egyptian culture • elephant • elephant clock • engineerengineeringGreek culture • Gunalan Nadarajan • howdah • humanoid automaton • Indian culture • interactionIslamIslamic cultureludicludic interventionmachine • mahout • mechanical birdmechanical innovationmedieval invention • multiculturalism represented in technology • passage of time • phoenix • play • see-saw mechanism • serpentsnakespeculative design • timing mechanism • tower • turban • Turkey • water clock • water-filled bucket • weight powered water clock

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