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23 DECEMBER 2010

The Six Million Dollar Man: the evolution of an iconic title sequence

"The Six Million Dollar Man started off as a novel by [Martin Caidin] called Cyborg, but over the course of its development from book to movie to TV show, it not only changed name, it changed tone.

The book is essentially a thriller that tries to ground itself in reality as much as possible to make Steve Austin a super–spy. Sure he has a bionics left arm (yes, bionics in the book, not bionic), bionics legs and bionics eye. But he can't feel anything in his bionics limbs and his bionics eye won't let him see, only take pictures. And sure, he's very strong, but when he kicks a golf ball, that bionics toe of his still gets crushed by the impact.

It was bionics, but still tried to be relatively aware of the laws of physics and what was practical."

(The Medium is Not Enough TV blog, 9 July 2010)


197219741978accidentartificialartificial limbastronautaugmentationback story • biomechatronics • Bionic Womanbionicsbodycinematic conventionsconventionscorporeal augmentationcrashcyberneticscyborgexpositionhero • Lee Majors • Lindsay Wagner • Martin Caidinmasculinity • Oscar Goldman • pilot episodeprosthesisresurrectionsci-fisequence designSix Million Dollar ManspySteve Austinsurgerytelevisionthrillertitle sequenceTVvisual designvisualisation


Simon Perkins
18 JULY 2010

Hundred Pacer: a contemporary origin myth of a native Taiwanese superhero

"This is my final project for motion graphic design, which is a Flash animation that depicts an 'origin myth' of the self–created hero, Hundred Pacer.

The name Hundred Pacer derived from a kind of very venomous snake that exists in mountain areas of Taiwan called Hundred Pacer snake, and the protagonist, Hundred Pacer, was an ordinary Paiwanese Indigenous girl until her and her father were killed by the mudslide, and the snake God chooses her to revive in passing down the power...

The story was inspired by the Typhoon Morakot happened in August 2009, which killed nearly 500 people and destroyed half of Taiwan at that time."

(Jonghsiang Kwan, 2010)



2010animationAustronesian culturescreative practicecultural identitydestructiondevastationdisasterdrawingecologyFirst NationsFlash animationhero • Hundred Pacer • identityIndigenous • Jonghsiang Kwan • MAMA project • native • natural disasterNTUorigin myth • Paiwan • Paiwanese • pilot projectresurrectionsnakesuperheroTaiwanTaiwaneseTaiwanese Aboriginestransformationtyphoon • Typhoon Morakot • visual design


Simon Perkins
03 OCTOBER 2005

The Six Million Dollar Man: astronaut-cyborg

"Steve Austin was a former astronaut who was severely injured when his experimental plane crashed. He lost his legs, his right arm and his left eye in the crash, and his life was only saved by extensive bionic surgery, performed at the behest of the U.S. government, who were looking for a test subject for the new technology. Now equipped with state of the art mechanical replacements for his missing appendages, he works as a special operative for The Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI), a covert branch of the US government."

[The TV movie (1973) and Television series were adapted from Martin Caidin's novel titled Cyborg (first published in 1972). The programme did much to popularise the notion of mechanical augmentation. The opening sequence featured footage from pilot Bruce Peterson's 1967 real–life accident flying NASA's Northrop M2–F2 aeroplane.

Download series theme tune (mp3) at WavCentral.]



1972accidentaeroplaneastronautaugmentationbionics • Bruce Peterson • crashcyborgMartin CaidinNASA • Northrop M2-F2 • OSI • pilotresurrectionSix Million Dollar ManSteve Austinsurgerytelevision

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