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13 JUNE 2010

Open-ended play environments enable rich learning experiences

"Children learn about themselves, others and the world they live in through play. Outdoor environments for play and learning can provide rich experiences for children who seek fantasy and adventure and are innately curious about nature. Children's environments, particularly school and neighbourhood playgrounds, parks and gardens, have the potential to facilitate learning through social, emotional, cognitive and creative opportunities. Unfortunately, in America, the play and learning potential for many outdoor play spaces is underdeveloped."

(Lauri Macmillan Johnson)

Fig.1 The Adventure Playground, 160 University Avenue, Berkeley, California is an example of an open–ended play environment.

Fig.2 commercially available play environments often work to regulate engagement according to social norms.

[3] Johnson, L. M. (2004). American Playgrounds and Schoolyards – A Time for Change. In School of Landscape Architecture. Tempe, AZ, The University of Arizona Press.




Simon Perkins
07 APRIL 2005

Jabberwocky: Urban Community Connections

"Jabberwocky is a freely available mobile phone application designed to promote urban community connections and a sense of familiarity, anxiety, and play in public urban places. It takes advantage of current Bluetooth device proliferation. The application does not require seeding the population with initial users of the social network to function. Even today in most urban cities, the existence of even the current Bluetooth mobile phones is enough to gather meaningful and useful data for visualizations of place and urban strangers.The principle metaphors of Jabberwockies are "digital scents" and "digital tagging". As individuals traverse an urban landscape, they simply infuse their path with a unique and detectable digital redolence. Similarly, fixed places/objects can also emit unique "scents" once they are "digitally tagged" with small wireless tags called iMotes [...]. These scents and tags are localised and can be implemented easily using many of today's low power radios and personal wireless protocols such as Bluetooth."



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