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The Norsk Folkemuseum living history museum in Norway

"The Norsk Folkemuseum is Norway's largest museum of cultural history. With collections from around the country, the museum shows how people lived in Norway from 1500 to the present.

The more than 150 buildings in the Open–Air Museum represent different regions in Norway, different time periods, as well as differences between town and country, and social classes. The Gol Stave Church dating from 1200 is one of five medieval buildings at the museum. The contemporary history is presented through exhibitions and documentation projects focusing especially on children, youth and the multicultural population. Permanent indoor exhibitions include folk art, folk costumes, toys and Sami culture."

(Astrid Santa, Norsk Folkemuseum)

[Actors are located in some of the buildings to provide visitors with a sense of the life of the original inhabitants.]



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Simon Perkins
13 JUNE 2010

No character can exist without the context of a game world

"The role of the character in a role–playing game has long been debated. Yet no character can exist without the context of a game world. The character always has a relationship to its surroundings; the easiest way of creating a character is often through providing a context. Even if one supposedly plays oneself in a fictional world, a character – a variation on the ordinary persona – will soon emerge. "

(Markus Montola & Jaakko Stenros)

[2] Montola, M. and J. S. (eds) (2008). Playground Worlds – Creating and Evaluating Experiences of Role–Playing Games. Finland, Ropecon ry.



2008 • A Week in Finland • belongingcharactercollaborationcontextconventioncultural codesDenmarkengagementfictional worldFinlandgamegame world • Knudepunkt • Knutepunkt • Knutpunkt • LARPlive-action • live-action role-playing • NordicNorwayparticipationpersonaplayrole playingsocial interaction • Solmukohta • story worldstoryworldsurroundingsSwedenworld of the storyworld-building


Simon Perkins

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