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30 MARCH 2016

Storytelling through playful interactions

"For the new Zippy kidswear store in Setúbal, Portugal we designed two interactive installations and built both in-house at D&P. The 'Sound Poster' is a screen-printed panel that uses conductive ink to trigger sounds from the printed characters, and the 'Fun Receipt' is a receipt for kids, which prints out of a giant mouth on the cash desk and includes characters to colour in, mazes and other games."

(Elly Bowness, 2015)






2015 • Bare Conductive (agency) • click to explore • come to life • conductive ink • conversation starter • Dalziel and Pow (agency) • digital ink • hand-drawn illustrationinteraction designinteractive animationsinteractive displayinteractive graphical visualisationsinteractive graphics • interactive illustrations • interactive imageryinteractive information designinteractive information graphicsinteractive information visualisationinteractive wall • K2Screen (agency) • Ototo • physical interactive storytelling • playful digital animations • Portuguese brand • projected animation • Retail Design Expo • retail expo • screenprinted illustrations • spring to life • user experience design (UX)visual communication • Zippy (childrenswear brand)


Simon Perkins
31 MAY 2010

Flare: Data Visualization for the Web

"Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player. From basic charts and graphs to complex interactive graphics, the toolkit supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques. Even better, flare features a modular design that lets developers create customized visualization techniques without having to reinvent the wheel."

(UC Berkeley Visualization Lab)



ActionScript • Adobe Flash • Adobe Flash Player • Berkeley (University of California)chartcode • code library • datadesigndiagram • Flare Data Visualisation • Flexgraphinformation aestheticsinformation graphics • infoviz • interactive graphicsmodular • prefuse • prefuse.flare • programmingtoolkittree • UC Berkeley Visualization Lab • visualisation


Simon Perkins

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